Save 40% on Eight Daily Specials: Day 5 – Yad Avraham Mishnah Series


Our next daily special is here and it’s going on through midnight on Sunday! Don’t miss these rare savings – so hurry and show soon.




FULL SIZE COMPLETE 44 VOLUME SET | List Price: $1074.99 | Now Only $644.99!

INDIVIDUAL FULL SIZE VOLUMES | List Price: $25.99 | Now Only $15.59 each!
Tractate Keilim (features full-color pictures) | List Price: $34.99 | NOW ONLY $20.99 each

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Remember that ArtScroll’s Chanukah sale continues – with 20% off all of our over 1800 titles! Plus, get free US shipping on all orders over $49!

* Daily Chanukah Special valid only on item listed above. Discount off list price. Valid through December 20th. Chanukah Sale discount valid through December 29th. All discounts off list price.

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Save 40% on Eight Daily Specials: Day 2 – The Rubin and Milstein Editions of The Prophets


ArtScroll’s Chanukah daily specials continue!

Don’t forget to keep watching our blog for daily best-selling volumes at 40% off! These are savings that don’t come often, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity. And remember – there’s no limits!



Available Volumes In The Rubin Edition Early Prophets:
Joshua and JudgesSamuel 1 and 2Kings 1 and 2
Available Volumes In The Milstein Edition Later Prophets:
Jeremiah Isaiah The Twelve Prophets

List Price: $29.99, Now Only $17.99! each

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Hurry! This sale ends at midnight on Thursday, December 18th.

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Free Download for Chanukah + Big Sale on All Digital Volumes

Just in time for Chanukah, ArtScroll is sharing a download of the complete laws of Chanukah with its readers, selected from the digital version of the Kleinman Edition Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, part of the Wasserman Digital Initiative.


Download instructions:

If viewing this on your mobile device with the app installed, simply click HERE to open the free download in your app.


  • Download the free ArtScroll app. (Click here for download instructions for your device.)
  • Within the app, click on the menu, then click on the second option for the store.
  • Scroll down to the Kleinman Digital Kitzur Shulchan Aruch and click on the icon.
  • Look for theoption under “purchase volumes” that says Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Free Sample – Chanukah.
  • Click where it says free on the right side to begin your download.
  • The free sample will now appear in your library. You can browse, learn end experience the new features.

Don’t forget: all digital volumes are 20% off their already low prices through December 29th. 


You can now get the entire series of the acclaimed Schottenstein Edition Digital Talmud for $599 – or less! Click here to find out how to get a credit for the volumes you already own.


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all available digital editions.


FLASH SALE on Kosher Lamps

It’s the sale you’ve been waiting for – the must-have lamp for every room in the house: Kosher Lamps!

flash sale on kosher lamps

Hurry and stock up on Kosher Lamps at this super-low price of $36.40 before the sale ends at midnight on Monday, December 15th.

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Weekly Free Download: A Touch of Chizuk


Everyone knows Rabbi Yechiel Spero: best-selling author, popular lecturer, and of course, master story teller. His books are filled with stories that are known for their touching nature and inspirational values. Just in time for Chanukah, Rabbi Spero is back … Continue reading

Chanukah Gifts For The Whole Family + A Triple Giveaway!


Scroll to the bottom of this post for your chance to win one of ArtScroll’s popular new releases! Chanukah is just over a week away, and now’s the time to shop for chanukah gifts for your whole family! With ArtScroll’s … Continue reading

Flash Sale on ALL Books: 12 Hours Only!



Here at ArtScroll we are kicking off our annual chanukah sale, offering 20% off all books. But we have a special flash sale for our blog and social media followers: 

30% off ALL books!

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Cyber Monday Specials Start Now!


From now until midnight on Monday, we’re offering 32% off a large selection of titles for the whole family. Click here for all sale titles, or scroll down to see what savings you can get. Start planning for your chanukah gifts with these great savings – don’t delay – sale ends at midnight on Monday!

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet

List Price: 25.99 – Now only: $17.87

Jewish History: A Trilogy

List price: $89.99 – Now only: $61.19

Let’s Stay Safe

List price: 12.99 – Now only: $8.83

The Schottenstein Ed. Mishnah Elucidated Gryfe Ed Seder Moed Complete 3 Volume Slipcased Set

List price: $74.99 – Now only: $50.99

The ArtScroll Children’s Siddur

List price: $17.99 – Now only: $12.23

The Mountain Family

 List price: $25.99 – Now only: $17.67

Ishei Hatanach: Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities

List price: $59.99 – Now only: $40.79

The Kosher Kitchen – Feuereisen Edition

List price: $32.99 – Now only: $22.43

Arrogant Ari Learns a Lesson

List price: $9.99 – Now only: $6.79

Kosher By Design Cooking Coach

List price: $36.99 – Now only: $25.15

Mesillas Yesharim Personal Size – Jaffa Edition

List price: $14.99 – Now only: $10.19

Gateway to Judaism

List price: $29.99 – Now only: $20.39

Chofetz Chaim a Lesson a Day – 2 Volume Slipcased Set

List price: $29.99 – Now only: $20.39

Eli and His Little White Lie

List price: $9.99 – Now only: $6.79

The Beit HaMikdash

List price: $89.99 – Now only: $61.19

A Daily Dose of Torah Series 1 – 14 volume slipcase set

List price: $219.00 – Now only: $148.92

Kids Cooking Made Easy

List price: 15.99 – Now only: 10.87

Passover Made Easy

List price: 15.99 – Now only: 10.87

Starters and Sides made Easy

List price: 15.99 – Now only: 10.87

Dairy Made Easy

List price: 15.99 – Now only: 10.87

Yad Avraham Mishnah Series

All Six Sedarim

List price: $599.99 – Now only: $380.79

Seder Zeraim

List price: $104.99 – Now only: $71.39

Seder Moed

List price: $99.99 – Now only: $67.99

Seder Nashim

List price: $74.99 – Now only: $50.99

Seder Nezikin

List price: $94.99 – Now only: $64.95

Seder Kodashim

List price: $111.99 – Now only: $76.15

Seder Tohoros

List price: $124.99 – Now only: $84.99

Schottenstein Edition Talmud

Full Size Schottenstein Edition Talmud – English

List price: $2999.99 – Now only: $2039.99

Daf Yomi Size Schottenstein Edition Talmud – English

List price: $2499 – Now only: $1699.32

Full Size Schottenstein Edition Talmud – Hebrew

List price: $2650 – Now only: $1802

Compact Size Schottenstein Edition Talmud – Hebrew

List price: $2149 – Now only: $1461.32