Weekly Download: Parashas Va’eschanan

Start the Torah Conversation

What If… makes a wonderful addition to our Shabbos table. Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein shlita is a noted rav and posek, as well as a son-in-law of Rav Elyashiv zt’lWhat If… presents hundreds of halachic questions and answers in the order of the weekly parashah, making it the perfect starting point for fascinating Torah conversations.

The questions are short, and each includes a practical, real-world scenario. The answers, too, are concise, and though they contain a world of Torah knowledge, they are easy to follow.

  • A man jokingly tells his friend to microwave an esrog to make it ripen quickly – who is responsible for the damage?
  • A surgeon learns a new technique from a presentation, without paying the entrance fee. May he use that technique, or is it stealing?
  • A mother doesn’t want to reveal her child’s illness, thus keeping people from praying for him. Is that permitted?

Challenge your family or guests with these thought-provoking halachic questions, and watch the energy around the table begin to surge. This is Torah conversation at its best.

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The Nation Grieves

The Nation Grieves


Your brethren and the entire House of Israel shall bewail the conflagration

(Leviticus 10:6).


We join Klal Yisrael in mourning the loss of the three Kedoshim. May Hashem comfort their parents and families among the

mourners of Zion and Jerusalem who share their grief. Their ordeal united all Jews in prayer and concern. May that Kiddush

Hashem provide them at least a small measure of comfort.

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Mountain Family Author Speaking Tour!

After speaking all over Israel and inspiring hundreds of people, Tzirel Rus Berger will be embarking on a North American speaking tour! The author of ArtScroll’s best-selling Mountain Family will be in America delivering her inspiring talk to audiences across the country!


Mountain Family Speaking Tour FlyerTo book an event in your community, contact Stuart Schnee: stu@stuartschnee.com or 973-796-2753.

Free Download: Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks

Thirteen years ago, the world lost a giant of Torah learning and Mussar. This Sunday, the 27th of Nissan, marks the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avigdor Miller. Rav Miller’s weekly speeches have been compiled and annotated by his grandson, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen, and printed by ArtScroll in the form of a sefer, Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks



The foreword describes this great scholar:

Rav Miller was born in the United States in 1909, at a time when yeshivos were almost nonexistent and Torah observance was rare among the American-born youth. Despite his family’s poverty, which drove so many others to think first and foremost of financial security, Rav Miller exhibited from his earliest youth a strong desire for truth and a love of Hashem and His Torah. He was the “Avraham HaIvri,” the “Avraham of the other side,” of his time, for he stood on one side of the great river of American life, while the rest of his world stood on the other. It is almost impossible for the modern generation that has grown up in a world in which Torah, yeshivos, Chassidus, and shemiras hamitzvos flourish widely, to appreciate what it meant for a young person to be frum — let alone become a ben Torah — in those days of rampant Americanization and assimilation.

Rav Miller was blessed with an abundance of Heavenly assistance in overcoming the sea of religious indifference that flowed all around him. Whereas it is the nature of a person to be influenced by the standards of the society around him, Rav Miller from his earliest days was prepared to steer his own course. Early on he developed a strong yearning for truth and a fierce will to pursue it to its logical ends, regardless of the obstacles placed in his path or the difficulties encountered on the way.

Our Sages teach us that one who sets out to purify himself is helped by Heaven to attain that goal. In his old age he would recount a number of inspiring thoughts he heard as a child. He remembered a teacher telling him once that when he recited Modeh Ani in the morning, he should reflect on how fortunate he was to have been given another day of life — and how many people had not been so fortunate! This thought made such a lasting impression on him that he was still able to picture the face of that teacher eight decades later. As anyone familiar with his lectures and tapes can attest, it was a thought he repeated numerous times throughout his long life.

Once, as a young boy in Baltimore, he came out after Ma’ariv from shul and heard two old European Jews talking to each other. One said, “Ah! What a geshmacke Ma’ariv this was.” The man rubbed his hands together in pleasure. Rav Miller would often tell what a deep impression it made upon him to discover that praying could be “geshmack.”

His first encounter with the classic mussar work, Chovos HaLevavos, was as a teenager, in a sefarim store on the Lower East Side of New York. For the rest of his life, this sefer served as his constant companion and the foundation for so much of his thinking.

Excerpted from the foreword of Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks, written by:

Rabbi Avrohom Leshinsky and Rabbi Yehezkel Danziger

This week’s Free Weekly Learning Download on The Official ArtScroll Blog offers a sample chapter of Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks, which will give you the opportunity to learn from one of Rav Miller’s shiurim on his Yahrzeit.

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Also available based on the teachings of Rabbi Avigdor Miller:

 Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks, Volume 2

Walking with Rabbi Miller

Weekly Learning Download: Haggadah And The Answer Is

The Question: How Do You Make Your Seder Dynamic, Lively, and Spirited? The Answer Is… The Pesach Haggadah: The Answer Is…


Interactive: To have participants ask good questions. And get great answers.

This Pesach, we’ve got more than 300 questions – and over 1,000 answers! – for Seder night, guaranteed to make your Seder table a particularly lively and dynamic place. They’re all here, in The Pesach Haggadah: The Answer Is…

The Pesach Haggadah: The Answer Is… was a major bestseller in its original Hebrew, and for good reason. This engrossing and unusual Haggadah takes us through every facet of the Seder and the Pesach story by asking questions and offering answers from more than two hundred commentators

For our weekly learning download, we are sharing a sample chapter from this popular new Haggadah.

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Alef to Tav: 25 Years of Alef Bais Education

Think about the toys that toddlers and kids are playing with today. Think about the things that interest and excite them. How many of these toys, book, ideas and topics were relevant and exciting 25 years ago?

Not many? Maybe none?

Nowadays, more than ever before, advancements in all areas mean children are playing with toys and reading books that we wouldn’t have dreamed about 25 years ago. So what is there to bridge the gap? What did we enjoy as children that your kids can enjoy too?

The answer is simple. Classic children’s books. Today, ArtScroll is celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the publication of one of our most beloved children’s books, Alef to Tav.

Alef to Tav by Yaffa Ganz was published in February of 1989. Twenty five years later, Jewish children from all over the world are still learning the Hebrew alphabet by reading the book and enjoying the clever illustrations within.

Take a look at the cover. You’ll probably feel the nostalgia. I grew up with this book – you probably did to. Over 50,000 copies of this classic have been sold in the 25 years since publication. That’s a lot of little Jewish children, poring over the pages, learning to spot the letters, learning what sounds the letters make, learning Hebrew words and the letters that spell them.

The ideas in the book are simple. Present the letter. Present some words that start with said letter. Show the reader a sentence that uses the letter. But the idea is profound. It makes the children really learn to appreciate the alef bais, the sounds the letters make, and the language of the Torah.

Alef to Tav Sample Pages

The Alef page of Alef to Tav

If you have a child, a grandchild, a niece or nephew, give them the classic gift of the Hebrew Alphabet.

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