Free Download: A Prayer for Parnassah (Livelihood) – To Recite Today

When our ancestors were in the Wilderness, a month after the Exodus from Egypt, they faced atomorrow with no food. Justifiably, they asked Moshe if he had taken them into the desert to starve to death. Hashem responded that in the morning they would see that He had not forsaken them.

In the morning – and every morning for the next 40 years – there was manna waiting for them. By evening there was nothing left, and the next morning, it was there again. Can you imagine how we would feel if we went to sleep every night with empty refrigerators? There in the Wilderness, Hashem showed our ancestors that ultimately, parnassah is in His hands.

We pray for it every day – to provide for our families, to assist worthy causes, to build sturdy foundations for the future.

The Torah reading of this coming Shabbos — Parashas Beshalach — includes the chapter telling how the Jewish People in the Wilderness received manna. Many people recite the chapter daily, as a special prayer for parnassah. There is also a widespread custom to recite this chapter on the Tuesdayof the week of Beshalach, which this year is today, January 27th.

As a public service, we offer the text and interlinear translation of the chapter, from the Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Siddur. Please feel free to download it.

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Weekly Free Download: The Kosher Kitchen

In honor of our Big Halachah Sale (announced earlier this week), we’re offering a free download from one of our most popular and practical halachah titles: The Kosher Kitchen – Feuereisen Edition.

In this classic best-seller, Rabbi Binyomin Forst provides a clear and detailed overview of the laws of Kashrus, an explanation of common kashrus problems and tips on how to avoid them, plus an guide to kitchen tools and appliances and their halachic considerations.

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Weekly Free Download: Gateway to Judaism

Last week, we introduced our new Spotlight on ArtScroll Treasures feature, where we shine the spotlight on some of the excellent classics that we’ve published in our almost forty year history. One of those treasures is an ArtScroll best-seller, Gateway to Judaism.

Gateway to Judaism is unique. It offers a distinctive blend of Jewish philosophy, Jewish law, and practical application illustrated through the experiences of “the Levy’s”, a fictional family that guides us through traditional Jewish customs, holidays, and lifecycle events.

The book addresses many fascinating and essential aspects of traditional faith and practice, including:

What are the major milestones of Jewish life? | How do we pray? | Why do we keep kosher? | Why do we put mezuzahs on doorposts? | What are the thirteen fundamentals of Jewish thought? | What is the rationale for observing the commandments of the Torah (mitzvot)? | Why is Torah study central to Jewish communal life? | How can we know the Torah is a divine document? | Why are justice, charity, kindness, and ethics such important issues amongst Jews? | Why do we have so many holidays and what do they signify? | Why do we say so many blessings (brachot)? |

This week, we’re offering the chapter about Shabbos for our free download. Save it, print it, read it, and make sure to share it with anyone who would benefit from it.

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Weekly Free Download: Torah Treasury – Parashas Shemos

We just announced a spotlight on some of the classic treasures from ArtScroll’s library – with exclusive online savings – and we’re adding to the spotlight with a free download from one of the books on our spotlight list: Torah Treasury – Deluxe Gift Edition.

Edited under the direction of Rabbi Nosson Scherman, Rabbi Moshe Lieber does for the Chumash what he has done so successfully for the Pirkei Avos. This large, beautiful, coffee-table volume is arranged according to the weekly parashah, allowing you to read the commentaries of scores of scholars, along with anecdotes and thought provoking comments. Filled with both brief and loner explanations, this makes for a lively shabbos table discussion or an intensive study.

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Spotlight on ArtScroll Treasures + Exclusive Promo Code

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Tales for the Soul


The Search for the Stones

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Weekly Free Download: The Maggid Speaks

Everyone nowadays has heard Rabbi Paysach Krohn speak. They’ve read his books and been inspired by his stories.

It’s been more than 25 years since Rabbi Paysach Krohn published his first book of short stories, The Maggid SpeaksIn that time, Rabbi Krohn has become one of the most sought after and beloved speakers, storytellers and writers of our generation. In an exclusive interview with The Official ArtScroll Blog, Rabbi Krohn recounted the story of how he wrote that first book – and how he never dreamed he would write so many more. (Read the full interview here.)

While it’s been over 25 years since the book has been published, The Maggid Speaks and the timeless stories and lessons within it continue to inspire and educate readers all over the world. This week’s free download will give our blog readers a chance to read a selection of Rabbi Krohn’s stories in The Maggid Speaks

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Weekly Free Download: Triumph of Survival

In his comprehensive volumes on Jewish History, Rabbi Berel Wein brings the events of our heritage and past to life in an engaging way. Thousands of readers have achieved a new understanding of history and the Jews’ part in it through his writings and teachings. And now, three of Rabbi Wein’s most popular books are available in compact sizes, either on their own or as part of a popular new set, Jewish History A Trilogy.

For this week’s download, we are offering a sample chapter of Triumph of Survival, the book that covers the story of the Jews in the Modern Era: 1650-1990.

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