WATCH: Inside ArtScroll Season 4:8: Rav Shimshon Sherer Remembers His Legendary Father

Rabbi Moshe Sherer not only changed history, he made history. After a half-century of Rabbi Sherer’s wise, visionary, charismatic, and indefatigable advocacy and leadership, the Torah community was luxuriant, respected, and influential — and the gedolei Torah were its authoritative voice. Much that we take for granted … Continue reading

WATCH: Inside ArtScroll Season 4:6: Rabbi Shnayor Burton – Kisvei HaRambam

In ArtScroll’s Kisvei HaRambam, writings of the Rambam, including his famous 13 Principles of Faith and related selections, are translated phrase-by-phrase, annotated, and elucidated with additional insights. Enlightening, inspiring, and engrossing, this ArtScroll commentary provides an opportunity to engage with fundamental aspects of the Torah in … Continue reading


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