Kleinman Edition Mishkan in new Compact Size + Limited Time Special Price only $39.99!

“With all of the same text and 3D color illustrations as the original version, the smaller and lighter new compact edition of the Kleinman Edition Mishkan is a must have for any home or classroom!”

Five years ago, the Mishkan came alive, to tens of thousands of people with The Kleinman Edition Mishkan/Tabernacle DVD. It was nothing short of revolutionary: Highlighting the details discussed in the pesukim in 3D virtual reality, allowing us to view the keilim from all angles, giving us animations that brought each component to life, and even enabling us to take our own “self-guided tour.”  Rarely had Torah scholarship and technological artistry been melded so beautifully.

But that was just the beginning…

The DVD was followed by the stunning, bestselling book: The Kleinman Edition Mishkan/Tabernacle. A large, art-quality, full color 296-page book, it shows us the Mishkan, its vessels, and the bigdei kehunah in spectacular graphics and clear, understandable text. We learn how each vessel or piece of clothing was assembled and the manner of its use. It includes each of the Torah verses that initially describe the construction and assembly of the Mishkan, in both Hebrew and English. Also included is Rashi on those pesukim in the original Hebrew, accompanied by the Sapirstein Edition translation and elucidation.

The Kleinman Edition Mishkan/Tabernacle was hailed as a gorgeous game-changer that put the Mishkan right into our welcoming hands.

Now, at the urging of educators and readers, we welcome The Kleinman Edition Mishkan/Tabernacle in still another format: the convenient compact size edition.

This edition is printed on lighter paper and in a slightly smaller (though still generous) size, and it contains the exact same text and full color 3-d pictures as its larger counterpart, making it perfect for students and for those who didn’t have room for a coffee-table size edition. It’s lighter on the wallet too, particularly for the next few weeks, when ArtScroll is celebrating its launch with a special promotional price.

For full product details, click here. Special introductory price of $39.99 ends on 2/16/14.


Click to view a book trailer.

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