Readers Write: My Father, My Mother and Me + Giveaway!

Readers from all over the world have been raving about our new book, My Father, My Mother and MeBelow are some of their comments. If you would like to share your thoughts on this book, or any ArtScroll title that has made an impression on you, email and it might be featured on The Official ArtScroll Blog!

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A reader from Israel shares:

“I would like to describe my experience with My Father, My Mother and Me. because I want more people to buy it. I did not buy this book to improve my relationship with my mother or with my mother in law. In fact, I didn’t buy it at all. Someone bought it for me, because she knew I was having real serious issues with my in-laws. You know—things that typically just go on without resolution.

Amazingly, as I read, something shifted in my attitude. It wasn’t because a particular story inspired me. It was just the whole idea of this book. l these years, I was looking at how I was right and how my in-laws were wrong. Even though I saw certain areas where I realized they were right and I was wrong, I had a hard time acting respectfully about them.

So what happened?

After reading the book, I realized that even if they are wrong and I am right, I should be focusing on my responsibilities, on how I could become better. I realized that I should daven more to be able to honor my in-laws, my parents, and to respect them and their needs.

My mindset changed a lot, in a lot of ways. I realized that because of my new attitude, I am talking to my in-laws—and talking to my husband about them—in a different way. I thought, “Wow! What a little book can do!”

I wanted to share this because I feel that everyone should read My Father, My Mother and Me. “

Gitty writes about how much she enjoyed this book:

“I highly recommend the book My Father, My Mother and Me. It has opened up my eyes (pokeach ivrim) to the halachos of Kibud Av V’Eim. It gave me a whole new perspective on the way that I view my relationship with my parents. Baruch Hashem, I have already been able to put the halachas I’ve learned from this book into practice. Aside from being inspirational and educational, this is a highly entertaining book that I had fun reading – I don’t know any time that I ever said that about a halacha sefer.

Yasher Koach!”

Reader Chani writes about how this book impacted her life:

“I picked up a copy of My Father, My Mother and Me over shabbos, and I spent some time reading it. I found it to be life changing.

My father has never forgiven me for becoming a Baalas Teshuva. Every time that I see him he makes fun of my “lifestyle” and puts down Kollel. He makes sure to let me know that if I didn’t have the extra expenses of being a frum Jew, I could live the “good” life (cruises, restaurants, etc).

After spending a few hours with him, the only thing I usually want to do is run out the door. This week, as I was visiting him, I started thinking about the stories that I had read in the book. I took a look around me and realized that his apartment was in terrible shape. The mitzvah of Kibbud Av includes cleaning and feeding my father, not just visiting him. Despite my tremendous desire to leave, I spent a long time cleaning his bathroom and kitchen and taking out numerous bags of garbage. Because of the many stories that I read about ways of taking care of parents, I realized that this is something that I should want to do, not look for excuses to get out of it.

The most remarkable thing is not that I did it, but how I felt about doing it. In the past when I helped him I was full of resentment for the way that he treats me. This time I left feeling good and empowered.  This was not about helping my father; it was about doing what Hashem wants.

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19 thoughts on “Readers Write: My Father, My Mother and Me + Giveaway!

  1. All of the biographies that I’ve read from the Art Scroll Series have impacted my life. I have learned such wonderful things from the very special people that I’ve read about and have enjoyed sharing the books with my children.

  2. All of the prayer commentary books have transformed my tefillos and made me realize the importance of davening with kavanah!! And since I can now actually understand the tefillos, it makes kavannah so much easier to obtain!!
    They have really strengthened my relationship with Hashem!!
    -Praying With Fire

    The Lesson a Day Series has also transformed my learning because I can sneak it in during my breaks!!!

  3. Among NUMEROUS Artscroll books, “The Chofetz Chaim, A Daily Companion” has not only greatly impacted my life, but changed me as a person for the better. If not for this wonderfully compiled work, I would likely never have learned the valuable shmiras halashon halachos which it so eloquently explains.
    Thank you, Artscroll! 🙂

  4. All the story books have greatly impacted my life- rabbi krohn, once upon and touched by a story have stories which amazed and inspired me forever.

  5. The Artscroll English-Hebrew siddur & seforim have definitely had the biggest impact on my life out off all of Artscrolls works

  6. R’ Simcha Bunim Cohen’s clear halachos, The chofetz chaim daily lesson series, and The Other Side of the Story made a big difference in my perspective

  7. Overall the series that has had the largest effect on me has been the Artscroll Youth Series, because it’s made explaining the changes that I and my younger sister have made to my youngest, 9 year old sister, and made it easier to teach her about living a religious life, and the benefits of it.

  8. The Artscroll English-Hebrew Siddur. Granted this is my first and only purchase so far (it was purchased last week), I have been taking it with me everywhere I can and using it as much as possible.

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