Weekly Free Download: What If…Volume 2

wha2hWho doesn’t love an animated and involved discussion at their Shabbos table? With What If…, thousands of readers enjoyed the complex halachic discussions, and now, readers can get another taste of the fascinating conversations, questions and of course, answers of Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein, adapted and arranged according to the weekly parashah by Rabbi Moshe Sherrow with What If…Volume 2.

What if…
… a mohel is running late, and the bris will not be performed on time unless he breaks the speed limit on a major highway?
… a person buys a hat, and the “cashier” turns out to be a thief who had simply sat at the cash register – does he have to pay the store again?
… a man hired to say Kaddish does so faithfully, and finds out at the end of eleven months that he’s gotten the name of the deceased wrong?

These are some of the halachic discussions you’ll find in What If…Volume 2Conveniently arranged according to the weekly parashah, this is a book that will transform your shabbos table!

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