Chanukah Gifts For The Whole Family + A Triple Giveaway!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for your chance to win one of ArtScroll’s popular new releases!

Chanukah is just over a week away, and now’s the time to shop for chanukah gifts for your whole family!

With ArtScroll’s annual chanukah sale, you’ll save 20% on all of ArtScroll’s over 1800 titles!


With an impressive array of brand-new titles to choose from, you’re bound to find something for every member of your family. Don’t forget – we now offer free shipping on all US orders over $49!

Read about our selection of new releases, then comment on this post telling us which you’d like as a Chanukah present, and you could be one of three winners who will get a free copy of the book they chose – think of it as our Chanukah gift to you. 

A Touch of Chizuk  Best-selling author Rabbi Yechiel Spero is back with a brand-new collection of stories bound to lift up your spirits…because everyone needs a good dose of chizuk!

Inside Their Homes Get up close and personal with some of the most renowned Torah personalities of our generation, learn from them and be inspired by their ways, told over by master-storyteller Rabbi Nachman Seltzer.

Living Emunah Paperback or Hardcovered Practical, down to earth, approachable – the life changing lessons of Rabbi David Ashear are arranged in short chapters – perfect to give you an emunah boost – just when you need it. Now available in hardcover or a compact paperback size. 

What if… Volume 2 The sequel to What If… a classic best-seller, presents fascinating halachic questions, perfectt for discussion at the shabbos table and conveniently organized according to the weekly parashah.

Rav Wolbe on Chumash Gain a new appreciation for the weekly parashah through the timeless lessons of Rav Shlomo Wolbe, adapted from his lectures by Rabbi Yitzchok Caplan.

Great Jewish Wisdom A beautiful way to present torah wisdom! Each full-color spread presents a short quote by a great torah personality, as well as a short biography. This compact sized book includes benching and the berachos for a bris or sheva brachos, making it great for a gift at a simcha.

Jewish History – A Trilogy Well known Jewish historian Rabbi Berel Wein presents Jewish History like nobody else. This trilogycombines three of his best-selling volumes in a handy, slipcovered set – a perfect gift!

Secret Restaurant Recipes Discover the secrets of the world’s top Kosher chefs with this new cookbook from Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek. Featuring recipes from over 70 of the world’s top kosher restaurants, a beautiful photo for every dish, and cooking techniques and tips direct from the chefs, this hard-covered, full-size cookbook makes a great gift for cooks and foodies alike.

Broken Promises a gripping novel by popular author Libby Lazewnik, this page-turner is a riveting read.

Alef Bais Adventures with Ziggawat  Learning the Alef Bais can be fun, and this book will demonstrate that to your children. Written by a veteran teacher with many years of experience teaching children to read, Alef Bais Adventures with Ziggawat is an exciting read for children ages 3-8.

The Story of Rav Nosson Tzvi A biography for young readers, this book tells the true story of a “regular” american boy who grew up to lead tens out thousands of young men in Torah learning.

The Adventures of PJ Pepperjay Is a short chapter book about the hilarious adventures of PJ Pepperjay. A perfect chanukah gift for your 7-10 year old. 

Baruch and His Disappearing Yarmulka If your little boy is constantly losing his yarmulka, you’re going to really appreciate the thoughtful lessons and playful rhymes in this book, and your children will have fun reading about Baruch as he learns to hang on to his yarmulka.

Which new book do you want for Chanukah? Tell us and you could be one of 3 winners!

Giveaway is over! Winners have been contacted via email – if you entered, make sure to check if it was you!

To enter the giveaway:

Comment on this post letting us know which of these new books you would like as a chanukah gift.

Three winners will be chosen at random and we will send them the book of their choice.

**Giveaway ends on Tuesday, December 16th at 11:59 pm eastern time. Prize can be shipped within the USA. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. Valid email address must be provided to claim prize. Limit one entry per person.

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512 thoughts on “Chanukah Gifts For The Whole Family + A Triple Giveaway!

  1. Wow.. so many to choose from! I would like Rabbi Wein’s “Jewish History – A Trilogy”. Second choice would be Rabbi Spero’s A Touch of Chizuk.

    Thanks and Freilichen Chanuka!

  2. I don’t know if my first comment went through. If it did, you may delete either one
    I would very much enjoy winning Rabbi Barely Weins “Jewish History – A Trilogy”
    Thank you

  3. I would love to win Secret Restaurant Recipes and to be able to give it to my older sister for Chanukah and for Hakarat Hatov for all that she has done for our family

  4. All these seem amazing I don’t know how to pick only 1! these would be my top wishes though. Some special for my hubby, & some for everyone.
    A touch of chizuk,
    Living emuna,
    What if 2,
    Secret restaurant recipes
    Jewish history trilogy

  5. The Adventures of PJ Pepperjay looks like a cute book, perfect for my nephew! Although I would be most interested in Jewish History – A Trilogy.

  6. I would be very excited to get the book “Inside Their Homes”. I already bought R. Berel Wein’s history trilogy directly from Artscroll, otherwise I’d go for that.

  7. I would like the The Adventures of PJ Pepperjay for my 8 year old son. It sounds like a book he’d enjoy and read on his own.

  8. My first choice as a Chanukah gift would be, “Inside Their Homes”. I have always enjoyed Rabbi Nachman Seltzer’s books, stories and articles. I am sure a wealth of chizuk and hadrachah awaits me “Inside Their Homes”.

  9. I’m definitely interested in the Secret Restaurant Recipes book, although if I win I might ask my parents if there’s something else they’d prefer.

  10. Hmmm…So hard to settle on one book. I guess I’d choose The Story of Rav Nosson Tzvi. My kids would love to hear something like that at bedtime.

  11. All the touch books go straight to my heart. It encourages and gives me strength to continue in these trying days. “A touch of chizuk” is exactly what I need for my neshama.

  12. Jewish History – A Trilogy
    I began listening to Rabbi Wein when I accidentally came across his CDs in my fathers basement. I had no idea he published books, I hope they are as captivating as his recordings. Looking forward.

  13. I would love the “Aleph Beis Adventures with Ziggawat” because I have a son who is starting to learn the Alef Beis and I’m sure he will love it!!!

  14. Great choices of Chanukah gifts! The Alef Bais Adventures with Ziggawat would be perfect for my daughter just turning three, Thanks and have a Freilichen Chanukah!

  15. I would like a few of the books, but I guess I will choose the Tzaddikim one called “Inside their Homes”. I hope that this book will be able to help me give my children an appreciation of our Geronimo, and be an inspiration to them as well as us.

  16. I think my children would love “Baruch and His Disappearing Yarmulka”. They love to be read books and it would be a great addition to their bedtime story routine.

  17. I would live to win some new books. I would love Baruch and the missing yarmulke, the seceret restraunt recipes and living emunah

  18. since my grandson, baruch, just had his upsherin I would love to give him the new book : baruch and the disappearing yarmulke.

  19. I would love to win the book “inside there homes” it looks like an amazing book to own and I like that it has many Rabbaim in one book. I love reading about our great scholars because they are truly all amazing and inspire me to be a better person everyday.

  20. all the books look great! i love reading and i love artscroll! so hard to choose… i would probably pick the history trilogy, because it is so important to know our history and i think it would be a great series to read together as a family.

  21. We bought “What If” and over the past year read the whole Sefer at our Shabbos table. We are looking forward to reading “What If 2” over the next year at our Shabbos table.

  22. living emuna is a great sefer and I am waiting to read it to strengthen my emuna
    Reb Nosson Tzvi sounds like the perfect book for my children to read cant wait to get it

  23. A touch of chizuk , my husband would enjoy what if so I would like to give him that one. THANKS, By the way, I love this idea. Good luck with your promotions!

  24. Top 3
    1)Alef Bais Adventures with Ziggawat perfect for my 3 yr old who loves aleph bais and loves books
    2)Secret Restaurant Recipes perfect for my wife
    3)Jewish History – A Trilogy perfect for me

    Thank You Artscroll

    And Happy Chanukah to all

  25. i learned in the Mir while the Rosh Yeshiva was alive so the Rabbi Nosson Tzvi book, He is also in the “In Their Homes” book. so i guess either or.

  26. Alef Bais Adventures with Ziggawat sounds like a very useful book. from little kids learning their alef bais to even adults who can look through it (for kiruv or just fun!)
    everyone can always use a review! i wouldn’t mind getting this book for Chanukah.

  27. Who can’t use some new stories to get chizuk from! Loving in these times we need some daily inspiration… Also inside their homes can give a glimpse of life of gedolim.

  28. Inside Their Home would give my boys, ages 10 and 15 wholesome reading for shabbos and a glimpse into homes of some of our Gedolim. What a treasure.

  29. I would love to have “The Story Of Rav Nosson Tzvi” or “Boruch loses his Yarmulka”, for my grandchildren. I unfortunately can’t buy it for them, and they love to read. It would make the best Chanukah gift!

  30. emunah
    2. A touch of chizuk
    3. Inside their home
    4.rav volbe on the chumash
    Wouldn’t you all rather mussar before anything making sure your living a moral life

  31. We, as a family would love:
    Inside their Homes ( for my husband)
    The Secret Restaurant Recipes ( for me, and the whole family, since they’ll get to eat it)
    The Adventures of PJ Pepperjay.
    It would be so nice to win anything.
    A freilichen chanukkah, to the entire Artscroll’s staff .

  32. Would love to win Inside their Homes! Sounds like it’s an amazing book to learn from!
    Thanks so much and Chag Chanukah Sameach!

  33. הבאאק של הרב יחיאל ספירא שליט”א
    כמו הספרים הישנים שלו הם ממש להפליא, מלא חיזוק התעוררות, קירוב, רגש ועוד ועוד
    תודע רבה ארטסקרול!

  34. Oh I would love “Baruch and His Disappearing Yarmulka” for my 5 year old son who is always losing his yarmulke :). Thank you.

  35. baruch and his disappearing yarmulke would be a great addition to our library and hopefully a great lesson for my son who misplaces his kippah all the time!!!!

  36. I would honestly love any but if I have to chose then I would choose either The Jewish History Trilogy, or broken promises

  37. Rabbi Wein, Jewish History Trilogy. I would appreciate these books as a Chanukah gift. I would make great use of these books as a Kiruv teacher to secular Jews.

  38. I would love Baruch and his Disappearing Yarmulkah. My sister in law is learning illustration and this is her friends first book to be illustrated.

  39. We live in Israel and have a Hachnassas Kallah library and it would be very nice to add “Jewish History – a Trilogy” to it we have not been able to add in a long time.

  40. Thank you so much!!! Although i would love all of them, i would have to pick “Living Emuna” because my mother really likes Rabbi Ashear’s shiurim and it would be so nice if I could give her that for Chanukah!

  41. We would love baruch and his disapearing yarmulka and adventures of pj pepperjay. We have jewish library for our out of town community in our house that we are looking to expand.

  42. I would love to own rabbi Wein’s trilogy to give to my husband. He currently borrows them from family members and re-reads them regularly. It’s one of those sets that are great to own and can be re-read!

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