Save 40% on Eight Daily Specials: Day 1 – The Kleinman Edition Midrash


Here at ArtScroll, we’re celebrating the eight days of Chanukah with eight days of huge savings!

That’s right – on every day of Chanukah we are going to put one item on a super special sale: 40% off of the list price! You won’t find prices like these any time soon, so make sure to come back daily to find out what the deal of the day is. You can also sign up for blog emails (use the form on the right sidebar) to make sure you never miss a post, deal or giveaway.


Features Include:
• ArtScroll’s acclaimed phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidation of the Midrash text, with explanatory footnotes
• A special “Insights” section that at times brings a contemporary focus to the timeless words of the Midrash

• Many classic Hebrew commentaries, including Rashi, Matnos Kehunah, Eitz Yosef, Maharzu, and the out-of-print classic Eshed HaNechalim

Click here to get this at 40% off – today only!

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