Save 40% on Eight Daily Specials: Day 8 – Ramban on Chumash Sets


Tonight is the last night of chanukah, and that means we’ve reached the eighth of our eight daily chanukah specials – but don’t worry! We’ve got another 40% off sale for you, going on through midnight on Wednesday. Hurry and shop before it’s too late!



The Torah with Ramban’s commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated. Now, you will be able to master this essential commentary to Torah — thanks to the ArtScroll Edition of Ramban.


FULL SIZE COMPLETE 7 VOLUME SET (7″x10″) List Price: $229.99 | Now Only $137.99!

The Graff-Rand Edition STUDENT SIZE COMPLETE 7 VOLUME SLIPCASED SET (5½”x8½”) List Price: $189.99 |

Now Only $113.99!

Hurry! These sales end at midnight on December 24th. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Remember that ArtScroll’s Chanukah sale continues – with 20% off all of our over 1800 titles! Plus, get free US shipping on all orders over $49!

* Daily Chanukah Special valid only on item listed above. Discount off list price. Valid through December 24th. Chanukah Sale discount valid through December 29th. All discounts off list price.

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