Two days only: Flash Sale on All ArtScroll Cookbooks


The long wait is over: our smash-hit new cookbook, Secret Restaurant Recipes, by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek is back in print after selling out of its first printing in just a couple of weeks. To celebrate that this book is now back in stock, we’re offering a two-day price break on all of ArtScroll’s acclaimed cookbooks!

Here are some great suggestions for you. Don’t forget that you get free shipping on all orders above $49!

Did you buy the hottest new Kosher cookbook, Secret Restaurant Recipes, yet?

More to consider:


The Kosher by Design series by Susie Fishbein:

Kosher by Design

Kosher by Design Entertains

Kosher by Design Cooking Coach

Kosher by Design Short on Time

Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen

Kosher by Design Teens and Twenty Somethings

Kosher by Design Lightens Up


The Made Easy Series by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek

Starters and Sides Made Easy

Kids Cooking Made Easy

Dairy Made Easy

Also by Leah Schapira:

Fresh and Easy


Don’t forget to plan ahead: Popular cookbooks for Pesach:

Passover Made Easy

Passover by Design

Taste of Pesach


More great cookbooks to discover:

A Taste of Nostalgia

Crafting Jewish

Hurry and shop now – sale ends at midnight on Monday, 1/19.

*Discount is off list price. Free shipping on orders over $49. No promo code needed. 

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