Last Chance for 30% Off!

Just one day left in ArtScroll’s BIG 30% off Talmud and Mishnah sale!


Make sure you take advantage of this great deal to stock up on individual volumes or sets while you still can!


Fill in your missing volumes:

Are you missing a couple of volumes in an otherwise complete set? This is the perfect time to purchase those missing volumes and complete your sets – at 30% off list price!

Save big on complete sets:

Did you know? Not only are ArtScroll’s Talmud and Mishnah sets on sale for 30% off during this sale, but you get free shipping (within the USA) on any set purchase! That’s right – no matter what set you’re looking to purchase, you can save big and get free shipping!

Stock up for the year: 

Have a Bar Mitzvah coming up? What about a future son-in-law who could use a new Shas? A donation for your shul, a gift for someone who will put it to good use, or even “just” for yourself – whatever the occasion, think ahead – buy your Talmud and Mishnah volumes or sets now while you can still get them at a reduced cost!

Have you seen our newest Mishnah series? 

ArtScroll’s new Schottenstein Edition Mishnah Elucidated is a great way to achieve a concise yet complete understanding of the Mishnah. Purchase a volume before the sale ends and see it for yourself.

Sale ends at midnight on March 3rd, so hurry and shop before it’s too late!

Don’t forget – get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49 (within the USA)!


ArtScroll’s Schottenstein Edition Digital Talmud is reduced too! 

While the 30% off savings are only on the print editions, we’ve lowered the prices on the Schottenstein Digital Talmud as well! You can now get the entire Shas for just $599.99 or individual volumes for only $9.99! Click to learn more about the cutting edge, interactive features of Wasserman Digital Initiative and the Schottenstein Digital Talmud.


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