Win a Complete Set of the Sapirstein Edition Rashi!

Giveaway is now over. Congrats to Joe Green on winning this set!

In honor of ArtScroll’s Big Set Sale, we are celebrating with some giveaways on some of our best-selling sets.


Our first giveaway prize is a complete set of the Sapirstein Edition Rashi! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for your chance to win!

This full-size, five volume slipcased set is valued at $149.99, and is treasured all over the world for it’s valuable features, including:

  • Chumash text, translated according to Rashi
  • The full and accurate text of Rashi and Onkelos
  • The literal translation of Rashi, highlighted and interwoven with explanatory words and phrases to ease and clarify the flow of Rashi’s text
  • Notes on Rashi, including questions, answers, sources, and elucidations
  • Written by an expert on Rashi, in collaboration with a group of outstanding scholars
  • 7″ x 10″ page size
  • Reinforced binding for teachers, students, parents and anyone seeking a clear and thorough knowledge of Chumash-Rashi.

Shop this set, and over 50 additional best-selling sets and save 30% off the list price! Hurry, this once-a-year sale ends on 5/19/15!

Don’t forget: all orders over $49 ship free within the USA!


Giveaway is now over! Congrats to Joe Green on winning this set!

Enter to win: Leave a comment on this post about an ArtScroll title or set that has impacted your life. 

Note: This is the first of a couple of Set-Sale giveaways, so keep visiting The Official ArtScroll Blog to make sure you don’t miss any of your chances to win!

**Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm eastern time on Wednesday, May 6th. One winner will receive the complete set of the full-sized Sapirstein Edition Rashi. Prize can be shipped within the USA. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Valid email address must be provided to claim prize. Winner will have 48 hours to answer or another winner will be chosen. Limit one entry per person. 

169 thoughts on “Win a Complete Set of the Sapirstein Edition Rashi!

  1. For a difficult Rashi I always turn to the Sapirstein Rashi, Nach with my daughter, daf yomi, mishnayos….what set do I not use!

  2. Artscroll has opened up my whole life, having the main works of judaism opened up in my native tongue has inspired my yiddushkeit. The series I would pick has to be the kitzur shulchan aruch. I study it with my father and it helps us bond when I am away in yeshiva.

  3. I love pirke avos, and to be able to truly understand every mishna due to the English translation, is just awesome! Thank you.

  4. Personally, the Stone Edition Tanach has been a delight to use. Been using it every single day since I got it.

  5. the midrash raba from artscroll is amazing! I love the incites on the bottom how they relate to a person’s every day life and service of G-d

  6. The Stone Edition Artscroll Tanach is wonderful and has provided much insight and growth in my life. I am thankful that I have it.

  7. It’s hard to pick one set! I think the sets we use most often are the Sapirstein Rashi for learning and the Shmuel Blitz stories for my kids!

  8. I have used the Artscroll siddur since the beginning of my observancy (4 years ago). I have treasured mine and the commentary and have grown leaps and bounds. Now at 27, engaged, I am doing my best to be observant, husband, and a potential teacher to our children.

  9. As usual, Artsrcroll is providing great offers on great collections. When I open one of their book I can see the work done, than, I can also feel more of the Kedusha with good job, easy, not ?

  10. When I was first becoming religious I would learn Artscroll Chumash with Rashi. The problem is that the set I learned from wasn’t my own and while I have other Artscroll Chumashim (I’m a big fan of the Ba’al HaTurim), I don’t actually have one that’s just Chumash and Rashi.

  11. as a mommy who loves to learn with her kids both boys and girls… to me the shottenstein in English is a life saver

  12. the Aryeh Kaplan anthology has opened my eyes to what avodat hashem is really all about, has answered many questions for me, and showed me the way to real dvekut lhashem. that set is the one that most impacted my life

    also if i may add the stone addition chumash…. the commentary provided.. just opens the doors of certain pesukim and allows you to jump right in to explore its many depths….
    (with a sigh of gratitude) I Love Artscroll

    • As a newcomer to Judaism I feel like a sponge and reading and studying Rashi has been a cornerstone of my faith and learning. Would love to own this volume!!!

  13. The Ramba”n set was incredible – opened up a whole new world that remained closed because hard to understand with my limited Hebrew.

  14. the Hebrew/English Talmud has made my learning of Gemara easier, which as a result made me enjoy it more.

  15. I want the present for my husband.
    He will has his birthday on 19/5 this mounth.
    He likes to order your books, always checking if there is something new. He always say good things about the books that he buys.
    It will be a good surprise for him to get the set.

  16. This is a very difficult question! I have many of the Artscroll sets, e.g., Rashi, Interlinear Chumash, Prophets, etc. I love them all and learn more with every reading. However, the book that made the greatest contribution for me is the Stone Chumash, which I own in every size and shape so I can have it everywhere. I can’t live without it! The commentary is indispensable.

  17. The Bavli is by far the best version anywhere. It has helped my understanding of Judaism, Hebrew, Aramaic and the talmudic way of thinking.

  18. My art scroll, Ashkenazi, women’s addition, pocket siddur is the best! I’ve had it for a long time, I take it everywhere with me, and it’s in great condition! I really appreciate all of the commentary that’s in it and how user friendly it is.

  19. The splendid edition (hebrew-english) of Baal HaTurim on the Chumash / Torah has been fascinatingly, as the translation into English has elucidated the Hebrew text in a more clear way for me, I have not seen any other edition like this one! It is amazing how the Gematria confirms many things of the mesorah. I really recommend it for the study of the Torah in a more profound way.

    Artscroll and the editors are doing an invaluable job. Kol haKavod!

  20. Yad Avraham Mishnayot series launched me into a world of daily study closely followed by two volumes of the Schottenstein Talmud. Thanks so much for the incredible sets these are absolutely life changing when living in far off New Zealand …

  21. The Artscroll interlinear Chumash has had the biggest impact. To be able to read the Torah and not have to look to the left side after every line and try to figure out what each word means is such a convenience and inspires to learn more. Plus it makes it so much easier to learn lashon ha Kodesh. Also, when looking up pasookim from the gemara, its so much easier to understand what the word being darshinned means. It even helps when learning Rashi.

  22. I love my ArtScroll Baal HaTurim on the Chumash. It totally changed my perspective of the Torah. The hidden gemmatriahs really bring out deep messages I never saw before!

  23. As a convert Artscroll has educated my children, my friends, my wife, me, and my brother’s entire family. It has been a huge part of my personal journey to Hashem. Thanks Artscroll, your appreciated by so many.

  24. The artscroll English Hebrew mishnayos has impacted my life greatly as it encouraged my husband to start learning on a constant basis in between his hectic schedule

  25. Artscroll’s Hebrew/English books are the foundation of my studies in the Torah, the Temple, and the Hebrew language. I use them all often.

  26. Towards the end of my first trip to Israel ( I was in college then) I bought an Artscroll Siddur. That was really a big part in starting my journey of living a Torah life. I have used several different editions of The Artscroll Siddur over the years.

  27. Igeres HaRamban: A Letter for the Ages. This really helped me learn patience, humility, and to curb my anger.

  28. Yad Avraham Commentary on Mishnayos Middos has given and continues to give me an enhanced vision of the Temple and all the ongoings that took place there, while providing labeled pictures and diagrams and explaining complex and intricate arguments between the earlier commentators. This makes the Temple real!

  29. whenever i have a difficult sugya or even just a hard word that i dont know the definition i always turn to the artscroll shas

  30. For sure this set since i started to learn chumash with rashi every week it makes it much easier to understand with this easy translation

  31. The Artscroll Siddur helps me in my learning of Tephilla, and enhances my davening three times a day.

  32. I really love this because I use rashi kepshuto and it’s very hard and always have to look at the English and art scroll shas has really given me a great start on my learning.

  33. positive word power had a great impact on me. I never had a grasp on onaas devorim until I learned this sefer. it changed my speech, and the way I teach my kindergarten students about theirs

  34. Having just learned a bit of Rashi using this sefarim set in my brief stay at yeshiva Aish HaTorah, I can say that this is an incredibly insightful resource. All of art scroll’s works are works of art. I would love to learn more with the help of art scroll.

  35. The basic siddur has to be the most life-changing Artscroll book ever. I don’t think it even needs explanation.

  36. The new Sefer ha Mitzvos has, for me, opened what was a closed book. As I learn through it with a chavrusa, whole universes of halacha and Torah knowledge become accessible. I have never learned from an English/Loshon Kodesh sefer with such unbounded resources. It truly helps me realize the awesome depth of Torah!

  37. Being that I was not religious for most of my life, learning was a struggle, art scroll has helped me learn gemerah for the first time, an example is this year I used an art scroll to learn Gittin, I have finished entire tractates all through art scroll. Moshiach now!

  38. The Davis Edition Artscroll set Chumashim is an amazing Chumish with a tremendous amount of information!!
    Thank you Artscroll

  39. Ive always used the Artscroll Chumash when I was in school. It was such a big help in translating and helping me understand.

  40. My son just got a beautiful artscroll tikkun. Hearing him learn to lein from it impacts my life forever.

  41. I would give this to a grandchild of mine who would like it and could use it. Or maybe…… No, maybe…….. Sure hope I win it !

  42. I wish that I had the room and resources to have every sefer in the Art Scroll catalog! So much to learn and enjoy.

  43. I did not go to a Day School or Yeshivah, and I was first entering the world of traditional commentary at the same time that I became aware of Artscroll. The translations of commentary on TaNaKH and the Haggadah helped influence me to work on learning more commentary on my own. I have since found many of the Artscroll Mishnah and Talmud publications to be almost essential in full understanding of many underlying points within the text.

  44. Chumash with Rashi was my first Artscroll experience. The Artscroll chumash enabled me to see a deeper understanding of Hashems words, both using our holy language and my mother tongue.

  45. Artscroll was able to ship seforim to my forward operating base while I was in Afghanistan. I learned to read hebrew by using the Interlinear Siddur. By completing the prayer services 3 times a day, with G-d’s help, was able to read Hebrew almost fluently within three months. If not on mission, I was studying all the seforim I bought through you, was my lifeline, thank you

  46. I have wanted to re learn Navi for decades and the newArt Scroll Neveim (the newest being Trey Assur) has allowed me to learn these important seforim from an adult’s perspective.

  47. I would love a set of these chumashim for my children. When I was in school these made it so much easier to understand what Rashi was saying because it doesn’t merely translate the words literally, but rather adds in “missing” words that aid in comprehension and historical bits that give context.

  48. I didn’t grow up in a traditional Jewish home. Back in December 2009 we decided as a family to return to our culture, our heritage. Outside of some traditional food dishes, I couldn’t believe how much I’ve missed out on the first 24 years of my life. My first Art Scroll book was the Chumash and it opened my eyes to things about HaShem I never considered before. We weren’t arhiest or bad people or anything growing up, my parents always talked to me about G-d and prayed with me and for me. The Art Scroll book that impacted me the most was the women’s siddur, Ohel Sarah. My first own personal siddur 🙂 I’ve heard and said some of the blessings before that are in there, but it being my own siddur drew me in closer, study them longer, contemplate my thoughts and heart at a different level. And the prayers and blessings catering to women made me feel precious to HaShem, like I really could be His daughter. It changed my perspective of my G-d and King and thus my relationship with Him and I couldn’t be more happy.

  49. My parents had a set of rashi like this and it allowed me to be able to connect to the parshas on a much deeper level because I was able to understand what it was trying to say past the pshat. Unfortunately after getting married I haven’t been able to afford one and it would be amazing to be able to provide them for my family.

  50. Artscrol is amazing I can say a lot of my Torah is thanks to them, I would want to win the full set of Schottenstein Ed. Talmud in Hebrew, thank you

  51. i have the artscroll Hebrew Talmud, the Tanach and the aid due and each has impacted my life and the lives of many of my constituents

  52. Artscroll has opened up Torah study to thousands, the merit they have earned cannot be measured. An Artscroll Rashi would bring reviewing the paras ha to the next level.

  53. The Artscroll title that has impacted me the most is the Artscroll Tanach Series Sefer Iyov.

    After the death of my father many questions I had ultimately led me to the Book of Job and it was exactly what I needed.

  54. My pocket sized English only Tanach has helped as it is small enough to carry around and read whenever I have a moment.

  55. The Stone Edition Chumash has made homework so much easier in my home. What a pleasure to read through it, understand it and find exactly what is needed.

  56. I have the Tales of Tzaddikim series (set of 5).
    This is a great series!
    I have finished reading 3 and have started reading the fourth.
    My eldest daughter is reading through them as well.
    I often read some of the short stories to the younger children.
    So many great values for us to learn and absorb!

  57. I purchased the Interlinear Chumash set during this sale and my understanding of the Hebrew has improved immensely.

  58. Siddur Transliterated Linear – Sabbath And Festivals – Seif Edition — Love it as it allows me to Daven in Hebrew!

  59. The High Holy Days series, ‘Chanukah – Its History, Observance, and Significance’ in particular. I fell in love with the richness of the Tradition(s).

  60. My First Siddur was an Arscroll and it made a huge impact. I was able to start davening in English until i learned hebrew. The davening tips were a big help. 28 years later I still prefer Artscroll with linear english. The stone Chumash is also a must for me. This addition would help me continue to grow in my chimash understanding.

  61. Even after many years in Yeshiva, the Arstcroll interlinear siddurim tremendously enrich my connection with Hashem !

  62. From tefillah each day, Yomim Tovim , in school or seminary or anytime I needed a quick understanding of the Millim- Artscroll always saved me and came to my rescue! Thank you Artscroll

  63. Artscroll Machzorim and Siddurim I daven with much more Kavannah now that I understand what I am saying. I love the explanations and stories I do not daven by rote anymore I daven from the heart.

  64. Interlinear Daily Siddur.
    It changed my Davening and, by extension, my life.
    Please hurry up with the digital Sefard edition!

  65. Mesillas Yesharim Jaffa Edition for depth and clarity! The commentary really hones the message. Thanks for such a wonderful rendering of a classic text.

  66. Definitely this set!! was with me throughout my school years, and would love to give my kids the same benefits 🙂

  67. I have a few Artscroll volumes. They are all beautiful to see but they are all written and laid out well. The Chumash with Rashi would be a wonderful addition to my library.

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