Win a complete set of Rabbi Berel Wein’s Jewish History: A Trilogy

With just under two weeks left to ArtScroll’s Big Set Sale, we have another great set to giveaway to one of our loyal readers!

Didn’t win our first giveaway? Don’t worry, we have another chance for you to win.

Our second set giveaway is for Rabbi Berel Wein’s amazing history set: Jewish History: A TrilogyScroll down to the bottom of this post for your chance to win this set.


World renowned historian and lecturer, Rabbi Berel Wein, paints a panoramic picture of our people from the Classical Era (350 BCE) through the Modern Era, from the end of the First Temple Era, through Cossack pogroms, from the rise of the Chassidic movement, to the rebirth of Torah in America. This Slipcased Gift Edition includes the compact (7″x9″) edition of three best-selling titles: Echoes of Glory, Herald of Destiny, and Triumph of Survival.

Shop this set, and over 50 additional best-selling sets and save 30% off the list price! Hurry, this once-a-year sale ends on 5/19/15!

Don’t forget: all orders over $49 ship free within the USA!

Giveaway is over! Congrats to our winner, Joseph.

Enter to win: Leave a comment on this post about which ArtScroll set is on your wishlist. 

Note: This is the second of a couple of Set-Sale giveaways, so keep visiting The Official ArtScroll Blog to make sure you don’t miss any of your chances to win!

**Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm eastern time on Monday, May 11th. One winner will receive the complete set of Jewish History: A Trilogy. Prize can be shipped within the USA. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Valid email address must be provided to claim prize. Winner will have 48 hours to answer or another winner will be chosen. Limit one entry per person. 

124 thoughts on “Win a complete set of Rabbi Berel Wein’s Jewish History: A Trilogy

  1. I’ve been already blessed with the possibility to study Torah from a number of Artscroll sets and volumes. This Berel Wein trilogy would be most welcome at this moment.

  2. I look forward greatly to reading Rabbi Berel Wein’s Jewish History: A Trilogy. I cannot read enough of our history, from Josephus and on and on and on. This way I get more aspects which blend together, sort of like reading the Gemorah!

  3. I would be very happy to win Rabbi Berel Wein’s Jewish History: A Trilogy. Harav Wein, Shlita, is an amazing speaker, excellent writer, and most important, a Ben Torah and real Mentsch.

  4. Rabbi Wein’s works are always informative and fascinating. I would love to win Jwish History: A Trilogy!

  5. Sapirstein Edition Rashi set is on my wishlist, so is the Artscroll Gemara set, but I’m not wealthy so I don’t want to be somech on a neis.

  6. I’ve listened to Rabbi Wein’s tapes, and to have his books to read, and annotate would be a great gift.

  7. I have a BIG wish list when it comes to Artscroll, but I would be super excited to get the set of Kleinman Edition Midrash Rabbah or the The Schottenstein Edition Sefer Hachinuch

  8. i just ordered some sefarim from the artscroll site and i cant wait to get them! Finally i’m gonna have english Rashi in my house 😀

  9. When it come to history there is nothing greater and more rewarding then the Jewish history and when presented by Rabbi Wien. Would be a honor to have such a collection.

  10. This set would add to my collection of history books so that my grandkids have additional reading material

  11. I am seeking a set of Jewish history because even at 65 I am seeking to learn more about the history of my people.

  12. I own thousands of dollars worth of books from Artscroll in my library. I would love to add this set to my collection. Thanks Artscroll for making fine books available.

  13. I am happy with just about any ArtScroll publication. They are so nicely laid out and the typeface is easy to read. This is apart from any comment about the contents!

  14. Rabbi Wein’s Jewish history trilogy rests firmly high up on my wishlist. Growing up, it was always a treat to read it in my local shul’s library. To own it would only help relive those cherished days and enhance my knowledge of our people and history.

  15. every one of artscrolls books and seforim are extremely well written and researched and there is much to be gained from each one

  16. I would realy appreciate the opportunity to have a broader and better understanding of jewish history. Accordingly, I think a set by a renowned historian, with the proper outlook, as Rabbi Berel Wien would an unblievable to acquire that knowledge and prospective.

  17. I recently learned about ArtScroll. I would love to have every item they sell, but it will take time to gain the finances. I have to finish college first. The Talmud is the first item on my wish list. I have been studying Jewish history on my own and would love to have a direction based on Jewish History: A Trilogy.

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