Summer Reading Giveaway: Win $100!

Want to win a $100 gift card to Scroll down to find out how!

The summer is here, and it’s a great time to catch up on your learning and reading.

Whether you’re interested in new releasesArtScroll classics, or books for your children, you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone in the family. To help you enjoy these great titles this summer, ArtScroll is giving away a $100 e-gift card to one of our blog readers!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling us which ArtScroll books you’d like to purchase with $100!

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, July 8th at 11:59 pm eastern time.

**One winner will receive a $100 egift card via email. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Valid email address must be provided to claim prize. Winner will have 48 hours to answer or another winner will be chosen. Limit one entry per person.

474 thoughts on “Summer Reading Giveaway: Win $100!

    • every English speaking Jew can gain from reading Artscroll publications
      I’d buy such diverse items as Rav Wolbe on Chumash, Forgotten Memories, Pathways of the Prophets, & Talmud Yerushalmi Moed Kattan

    • Wow. BeZ’H I would buy a few copies of “Living Emunah” by Rabbi Ashear and give it to friends and family. I would buy books relating to personal growth, and Twerski books, and maybe a few novels 🙂

    • Shabbos is equal to all other mitzvos. Rashi on Bemidbar 15:41 If I win, I would like the following Shabbos books: The Aura of Shabbos
      A selection of relevant Erev Shabbos and Shabbos laws
      By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

      The Sanctity Of Shabbos
      A comprehensive guide to the laws of Shabbos and Yom Tov as they apply to a non-jew doing work on behalf of a Jew
      By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

      The Radiance Of Shabbos
      The complete laws of the Shabbos candle lighting, Kiddush, Lechem Mishneh, meals, Bircas Hamazon, and Havdalah
      By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

      The Shabbos Kitchen
      A comprehensive halachic guide to the preparation of food and other kitchen activities on shabbos
      By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

      The Shabbos Home Volume 2
      A comprehensive halachic guide to the laws of shabbos as they apply throughout the home
      By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

      The Shabbos Home
      A comprehensive halachic guide to the laws of shabbos as they apply throughout the home
      By Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

      May Hashem hear my words that I want to learn and retain the complex laws of Shabbos.. It is not enough to stop driving to Shul and smoking on Shabbos.

    • Artscroll–Your are great. I would like to purchase more of the Talmud Yerushalmi–Hebrew when they are published.

    • That is such a hard question, its like going into a candy store!!
      To name a few: Heaven Prints, Wisdom for Living, Rav Nosson Tzvi, Maggid books, a new Siddur and more!

    • I would like go for books on prophets ! (but ALL books from Artscroll have reached excellence, so the choice would be tough)

  1. Pathways of the Prophets, From the Maggidim of Yesteryear Viol. 2, From Lublin to Shanghai, The Book of Mitzvos…So many Torah books, so little time!

  2. i would like to have a new Talmud , the Stone edition Chumash , and the new book about the Holy Temple. thanks Steve

  3. I own the first volume of Ramban’s commentary, so I would buy more of those. Or some books about marriage or parenting. Or I would try to build up our home library with sefarim. Or the classic Artscroll books that I enjoyed as a child (A Story a Day, Tales of Tzaddikim, Tales from Old Jerusalem, The Best of Olomeinu, etc.) so my kids can enjoy them, too.

    It’s so hard to choose!

  4. I would probably spend a decent part of it on new cookbooks, plus some new sefarim for my husband to be fair 🙂

  5. B”H, Artscroll has so many wonderful sefarim and judaica to choose from, so I know whatever I choose will be beneficial to my growth in getting closer to Hashem!
    Thank You, Artscroll for all you do! 😍

  6. This is like taking a kid to a candy store and telling him to choose something! So many choices!! I’ll have one of everything!!

  7. I have a 27 year old son who is a tzaddik, what he does for our family and his incredible kibud Av v’em…I would give the gift card to him as an inadequate token of my appreciation! (He really deserves much much more!!)

  8. I’m nearing the end of being in seminary for the first time ever and would love to get a few Halacha books to start my life as a Baal teshuva!

  9. Cookbooks and emunah learning books. Oh and kids books so my mother can spoil her grandchildren in Israel and Australia 🙂

  10. I want to add to my Schottenstein Ed Talmud set. Really, just getting started. Love the Artscroll books.

  11. I’m just getting started reading the Schottenstein Ed Talmud. I’d love to add to my set. The Artscroll books are really wonderful!

  12. I would love to buy cookbooks to try different styles of cooking and baking! And of course my little boy would LOVE more books!!

  13. The Silver Platter, Kosher By Design, and probably Stone Edition Tanach (I have the Chumash, but still have a JPS Tanach I was given in high school)

  14. If I won the $100 I would come closer to completing my collection of Artscroll Tanach series commentaries, such as Daniel and the two volumes of Tehillim.

  15. I’d love to purchase inspirational books like What the Angel Taught You, Heavenprints, and Let There Be Rain. Thanks for beautiful books, Artscroll!

  16. I would love to win Rabbi Berel Wein’s Trilogy on Jewish History. I think it’s an excellent set of books to have around the house. My oldest daughter would probably have them read cover to cover in under a week.

  17. I’d probably get Rabbi Wein’s history books but I’d have to look through the catalog again to make sure. (Any excuse to look through the catalog!)

  18. I look forward to all of your new releases and have put them on my wish list for all my friends and family.

  19. I would love 100$ I’d share it with my husband to buy some beautiful new books to learn together and add to our already so large collection of arts roll best sellers!

  20. A bedtime book for our little boy, a book for our Shabbos reading, a cookery book all our family and Shabbos guests to enjoy, and a book to donate to a yeshiva.

  21. If I won the $100 I would love to use that to add to my small but newly growing collections of excellent Artscroll commentaries of Oral Torah (either the next volumes I need of the Schottenstein Talmud, or the next pocket size set of Mishnah — I’d have to decide which seder!), or maybe I would buy one of the new mikraot gedolot volumes or even one of the Artscroll Tanach series volumes. There are so many possibilities, B”H!

  22. Mostly for my kids. I want a Shabbos pasha books that we can read and the Shabbos table. Thanks for the contest!

  23. I would love to win the giveaway, would be a real treat, too many books to choose from, woukd start with some of the cgildrens books and cook books

  24. Would love to win this, so many books I would want to get, would start off with some cookbooks and children’s books.

  25. If i had $100 to spend on sephorim i would get Fingerprints on the Universe, Our Wondrous World, Conversations with Yourself and a Gemara Beiah.

  26. I have ONE more of the Machtzorim to purchase ( Shavuot ) and I want more of Dr/Rabbi Abe Twerski’s books, AND I want to learn more about Holidays

  27. Any book on Hashkafa, Emunah and Chizuk; Artscroll has an amazing selection and wide range of books in this area

  28. I would purchase some new cookbooks like The Silver Platter, Secret Restaurant Recipes and Starters and Sides Made Easy, just to name a few!

  29. With the prize money I would purchase two sets of the 5-volume Schottenstein Interlinear Chumash, one for me and the second to give as a gift.

    Thank you

    • The interlinear chumash is great! I would get a cookbook for my wife and the Nachshoni commentary on the parshah for myself

  30. good questions. i guess everything is not an answer. “Touched by Their Tears” “Lights from Jerusalem” “Zmiros Benchers” and “Sephardi Bedtime Stories”

  31. I already have many ArtScroll titles but if I were to win $100 of free books I would get the digital version of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the new ArtScroll Siddur (hard cover) and the next volume or two of the Midrash Rabbah.

    • Any day now I will get my Chumash I ordered. I am so excited!😄
      I have The Stone Edition of The Torah/Prophets/Writings that was given to me as gift from a friend who knew how much I wanted one. I love it!😀

  32. I would love to get the travel kosher lamp (which I realize is not a book but it is listed on the artscroll website). I’d also indulge in some of the latest in Jewish fiction – we’ve not had the funds for such luxuries in some time.

    We have the recent children’s Pirkei Avos and just wanted to share that it has enthralled our almost-6yo daughter. She sits so nicely while I read and translate the week’s perek (at her request).

  33. Bli neder I would buy more biographies. Rav Chaim Soloveichick was known to say, reading the ethical behaviour of roshei yeshiva and gedolim of past generations is excellent mussar learning.

  34. I have a 3 year old grandson. We love to read to him, and he loves to listen. I would like spend the $100 on children books!

  35. Oh, I would love to have some more of Rabbi Zelig Pliskins books and also Rabbi Abraham Twerski’s too. Thank you for the nice give away!

  36. My husband and I would have to share choosing one book for each of us and maybe a book to have for our grnadchildrens’ visits.

  37. She Shall Be Praised by Avraham Erlinger, Ready for Reading CD-ROM for my daughter who really needs to learn Hebrew, and possibly a Kosher cookbook. I have been leading a Saturday morning services and anything I can get to help would be great.

  38. I long for the classics and the megillot especially. I like to learn, and there never is an end to the process, which of course I love.

  39. With an Artscroll gift card, I would love to purchase some things I have on my “mental list” – One or two of Rabbi Pliskin’s books and perhaps something to help prepare for the Yomim Noraim

  40. I would buy a mix of new Jewish novels for myself, some titles my adult children would enjoy, and some kids’ books for my niece and nephews in Israel!

  41. The new Reisman mishnayos, sand and stars, echoes of glory, R samson Raphael hirsch…this list could go on and on…

  42. I have begun studying Midrash with my rebbe. Every page is a delight of discovery! Thank you Artscroll. One hundred dollars would purchase more volumes of Midrash.

  43. Our school had a flood this past Spring and all my Kindergarten library books were ruined. I would like to buy new chldren’s books with the money

  44. I cannot put into words how excited my husband is to purchase the entire Talmud. He has budgeted and will be able to get all 73 volumes in a 1.5 years. He mentions it literally 3 times a day and tells me how excited he is to get all. Right now the Talmud is all he wants. It’s his Lamborghini and fancy mansion. If we were to win a 100, it would mean so much for him to buy 2 with it!

  45. A couple of copies of Living Emunah to give to family and friends, I Have an Amazing Story to Tell You by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer – a fantastic writer, and Let There Be Rain to learn everyday. Thank you!

  46. Interlinear Tehillim….Nach….Medrash….classics for the grandkids…cookbooks….Shouldn’t be too hard to spend $100!

  47. If i had a $100 credit with, i would either purchase the Early Prophets or Ezekiel books. Thank you.

  48. Thank you, Artscroll! I would choose from the Milstein and Rubin Editions of the Prophets and The Artscroll Tanach Series.

  49. I would want to purchase a sefer for my husband, maybe something on parsha or maybe the book from R’ noach Weinberg the Wisdom of living

  50. I would love to purchase ‘Tzaddik in Our Times’, some work on Reb’ Arush or ‘Eim Habanim Smicha’ – all such lovely books.

  51. There are so many books I would love. From Me to We for my newly married daughter and granddaughter. Living Emuna and I have an Amazing Story for You for myself. The list is endless.

  52. There are so many on my wish list….I have my eyes on The Pirkei Avos gift edition and The wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet. I would also like to purchase some more of your wonderful children’s books!!! Thank you!!!

  53. B”H, I’ve been slowly building my library. There is one treasure patiently waiting to be the crown jewel of my collection, for it would further elevate my Shabbos davening as I’ve been blessed to elevate others’, and that’s ISSSLT. It doesn’t get any better than that, wouldn’t you agree?

  54. I’d love a copy of Wisdom for Living & What the Angels Taught you by Rav Noach Weinberg as well as Alive by Mordechai Weinberg. These books give such wonderful insight on the true meaning of living well with Hashem at our side.

  55. I would love to purchase a Chumash – Chinuch Tiferes Micha’el Complete Five Volume Set. And also the book about the Mishkan. 🙂

  56. So many books! Would love to read the new releases! Also I would buy a few copies of The Wedding treasury (it’s wedding season!) thanks artscroll!!

  57. I would buy Daf Yomi Edition of the Schottenstein Talmud, Volumes 11 through 14 with the $100 dollars.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  58. Sara Rigler’s Lights from Jerusalem, How to Kosher your Kitchen, Mishna….I think that’s >$100, so I’ll have a hard time deciding!

  59. I would buy a set of machzorim, as I celebrate all the holidays by myself (no shul) I need to have my own books.

  60. I would by novels, halacha books, inspiring story books, and children’s books for my grandchildren. Thanks so much!

  61. I want to buy so many books from Artscroll. Some are: Wisdom for Living, Biographies like Reb Moshe and Rabbis Samson Raphael Hirsch, the Shabbos Halacha Series, The Six Constant Mitzvos, My Father My King, the Let My Nation Serve Me and Let My Nation Live… and that’s already over $100 and I still have more to list! Thank you Artscroll for all that you do for klal yisroel.

  62. I have so many books that I’d like to buy!. I know that I would buy Living Emunah for a friend of mine. Wisdom For Living and Heaven Prints would also be on my list.

  63. I want to get lots of books for my children!! I love the children’s books that Artscroll publishes!!

  64. Hi,
    If I would win the $100 gift card, I would get these books: Rebbetzin Kanievsky,
    ROSH HASHANA YOM KIPPUR SURVIVAL GUIDE, GPS Navigation for your soul, Battle Plans and Living Emunah. As a baalat teshuva, I really want to continue learning and growing, bezrat Hashem.

  65. B”H
    If I was to win i would give a book to my shul first…Then I would like the prophet set…then ive really wanted the artscroll books that deal with the months and the hebrew letters.

  66. Hi there..
    If I were to win the $100 I would use it to buy the second half of berachot the artscroll edition with English translation and the first part of Shabbat.

  67. This is an awesome contest!

    I would buy the new Mishna Elucidated series and Living Emunah by Rabbi David Ashear and as many of the Artscroll Bedtime series story books as I can with the remaining amount. I love Artscroll!

    Thank you Artscroll for all your amazing work!!!

  68. I would buy Rabbi Pliskin’s book on Marriage and children’s books for my daughter, like Benny, Bina, and Chagai the Yona.

  69. I would totally get some Artscroll children’s collection books for my kids.
    They love it when i read to them on Shabbos night in the winter and Shabbos afternoon in the summer.

  70. Some volumes from the new (blue cover) Mishnayos series. I’m learning Mishnayos with a chavrusa and want to enlarge my understanding of the Mishnah.

  71. Secret Restaurant Recipes from the World’s Top Kosher Restaurants by Leah Schapira! That sounds like a yummy read indeed!

  72. I was pleasantly surprised at all the cookbooks they have! I am an avid cookbook collector, so I would get these for sure:
    Secret Restaurant Recipes from the world’s top Kosher Restaurants
    Starters & Sides Made Easy
    Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking

  73. I’d love some of your great novels and a cookbook — everyone else in my house reads Hebrew! Summer reading is the key to this ima’s sanity!

  74. No shortage of options with Artscroll, but I would probably choose some biographies on our Gedolim, specifically the one on Rav Ovadiah

  75. Wow…what a great offer, Artscroll!

    As a baal teshuva who is learning & growing but firm on my path to Torah Judaism…I’ll likely get Living Emunah by R’ Asheah, Life is a Test by Esther Jungreis, The Informed Soul by R’ Gottlieb

    Also, to learn about the world of my Eastern European grand- and great-grandparents: The World That Was: Poland, and Lithuania.

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