Purim with ArtScroll + Giveaway!

Purim is just a few weeks away, and there’s still time to shop for Purim titles for the entire family!

Want to win a selection of Purim megillos and titles for the whole family? Scroll down for your chance to win!

With ArtScroll’s large selection of Megillos, Purim titles for children, and general purim reading, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget: ArtScroll.com carries a full line of Purim judaica and gifts as well, including gift boxes, cookie cutters, noisemakers, confetti and more!


Make sure to order soon to ensure your order arrives in time!


Giveaway is over! Congrats to the winner, Devorah G.

Purim Giveaway! One reader will win the following fantastic Purim titles from ArtScroll: 

Megillas Esther: The Answer Is: This brand-new megilla presents over 900 answers to nearly 300 questions, clearly presenting the views of  the Alshich, Maharal, Vilna Gaon, Chassidic masters, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and dozens more. This megillah will help you achieve a better understanding of the story of Purim.

Esther: The Megillah: This is the sefer that launched what was to become ArtScroll. This ground-breaking sefer contains the text of the megillah, English translation, and commentary from 2000 years of talmudic and rabbinic sources.

Let My Nation LiveLearn and understand the Purim story as never before with this fascinating book. While it reads like a story, this book is filled with carefully researched facts based on Talmudic and Medrashic sources. Download a sample chapter here. 


The ArtScroll Children’s MegillahIn this  edition of Megillas Esther, made especially for children, renowned children’s author, Shmuel Blitz, presents the story of Esther – and its lessons – in a thrilling and exciting manner. This is a great way for your children to learn the Purim story!


To enter the giveaway for all of the above items: Leave a comment on this post letting us know that you would like to win!

**Giveaway ends on Wednesday, March 16th at 11:59 pm eastern time. Winner will receive one copy of Esther: The Megillah, one copy of The ArtScroll Children’s Megillah, one copy of Let My Nation Live, and one copy of Megillas Esther: The Answer Is… Prize does not include food and confetti. Prize can be shipped within the USA. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Valid email address must be provided to claim prize. Limit one entry per person. 

166 thoughts on “Purim with ArtScroll + Giveaway!

  1. B”EHY, I would like to win.
    Chodesh Adar Bet Tov and Chag Purim Sameyach to all at Artscroll and all of Bnei Yisroel! May this joyous time, herald in the coming of Moshiach, speedily in our days, Amen!

    • We are having a huge Purim Celebration (Purim Pot-luck in a Persian Palace) and would love to win so they can be used as prizes. We will cast lots to see who wins! Everyone will be in costume and the basement is decorated like a Persian palace. We have painted murals and scenes from the Book of Esther.

      • I have your Children’s Megillah and love it! I just want to leave another comment. We are having the “Purim Pot-luck in the Persian Palace.” If we win I will thank Artscroll that night personally and in our written program. It would be a good opportunity to introduce A LOT of people to your company. Thank you!

  2. I would love to win this! I already have some of the books and bring them with me to Megillah reading to keep my children who can’t follow the Hebrew entertained and engrossed. The questions book is one I don’t have and it looks absolutely fascinating!

  3. The Esther Megillah would be a supreme addition to the modest collection of study material I now have for my Chabad Experience.Thank you for the chance to win one!

  4. I’d like to win Let My Nation Live — The author is fantastic and it is great to know the story with the midrashim.

  5. The book, “Megillas Esther: The Answer Is:” really looks interesting and I was considering on purchasing it. Would be a true Purim treat to win it!

  6. Would love to win!!!

    My very original artscroll megilas esther, sent out by St Louis Rabbinical College, has seen far better days.

  7. I love these books. My little kids would really like the children’s Megillah as they would be able to visualize the story. My older son would better internalize the kriah with the English translation Megillah. My wife likes to read and she would really enjoy “Let My Nation Live”. As for me, “The Answer Is” sounds like something i would enjoy for when my children ask me all the questions they learn in yeshivah. Looking forward to great learning/reading.
    Hatzlochah Rabbah to all. 🙂

  8. I would love to win any of the books, but would most love to win Esther: The Megillah. Thank you for a chance to win these wonderful purim treats.

  9. I would love to win this and expand my library. Being a BT the more materials I can get my hands on the better. I hope to be able to continue my Jewish learning!

  10. I would love to win these books! I’m a huge artscroll fan and always am looking for great books to add to my collection!

  11. This Purim will be our families first time attending a megillah reading, we’re very excited! We’d love to win any ArtScroll book!

  12. I love to think how these titles would improve my connection to the chag amd the amazing story that connects each and every Jew to the story of Esther (my fiancee’s namesake) and Mordechai.
    I would choose of all the Q & A meggilah as it would give me a better grasp on the meggilah as a whole.
    Purim sameach

  13. We recently made aliya but unfortunately had to leave most of our sefarim behind. It would be amazing to win these and start refilling our bookshelves!

  14. Artscroll has great books to offer and has a great giveaway! My family would love to win so we could read the books! Thank you

  15. All of these books sound wonderful, but the one I would most like to win would be “Meigillas Esther:The Answer Is”. I am a “Jew by choice”. I constantly take classes at my synagogue and the local Jewish Community Center, but still have so much to learn!

  16. We have recently made aliyah.
    To win these wonderful titles would be an exciting gift for Purim to our 5 children who were not able to bring all of their favorite books to Israel.
    Artscroll Rules! We love your books and are looking to keep filling our shelves with them in the upcoming years!
    Thank you for the giveaway and may whoever wins truly enjoy them.
    Chag Purim Sameach to all the Artscroll staff!

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