You’re Never Too Young, You’re Never Too Old: Living Emunah books for the entire family

If you have made Living  Emunah a part of your life — and, with over 100,000 copies of the series in print, the odds are that you  have — you know that the gift of emunah is huge. The belief in Hashem’s goodness and in His infinite caring carries us through difficult times and energizes us when things are going well. Emunah is a ray of sunshine in stormy weather, a smile when all seems bleak; a hug, so to speak, from heaven. A gift indeed.

So here’s fantastic news for all Living Emunah devotees: Your children, whatever their ages, can now enjoy the same wonderful gift that you have, with books adapted from Living Emunah especially for them.


Living Emunah for Children: Who says emunah is just for big people? Kids need it too! It’s never too early to show our children how much Hashem loves them, and to let them know the incredible power of emunah and tefillah. And how even when things seem bad, they are really good, because Hashem is all goodness. Living Emunah for Children is a collection of fun and kid-friendly stories, carefully chosen and adapted by Leah Sutton for youngsters ages 4 – 8, with delightful, full-color pictures by Chani Judowitz. It makes a fabulous Chanukah gift that kids will want to read over and over — and one whose lessons will last them a lifetime.

Buy now for $17.99 $14.39 on!



Living Emunah for Teens: Today’s world is complex and often puzzling, and teens more than ever need something real to hold onto — emunah in Hashem and His care for us. In realistic scenarios and true stories adapted from Living Emunah especially for teens and reflecting their concerns, our teenagers will learn how emunah can change and enrich their lives, freeing them from anger or jealousy and helping them find the good in everything and everyone — including themselves. Every segment also includes a “Make it Real” guide to help bring the lessons of emunah into their lives.

Buy now for $25.99 $20.79 on!



And while you’re gifting your children with emunah, we’ve got a special gift for you too:  Living Emunah Volume 3, with more chizuk, more stories, and more techniques to strengthen your own emunah. Over 10,000 copies have been sold in less than a month since its release — shouldn’t you be reading it too?

Buy now for $25.99 $20.79 on!


Because emunah is for everyone!

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