The Classic Torah Commentary by Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira: Pituchei Chotam Volume 2: Bamidbar and Devarim

If you are one of the many thousands who have begun to learn Pituchei Chotam, the magnificent Torah commentary by Rabbeinu Yaakov Abuchatzeira, you will be happy to hear that Volume 2, Sefer Bamidbar and Sefer Devarim, has now been released.

And if you haven’t yet discovered the fascinating and unusual Torah insights of Pituchei Chotam — it’s time to start right now.


The author of Pituchei Chotam, Rav Yaakov Abuchatzeira — the “Abir Yaakov” — who lived in the 19th century, was the scion of one of the most illustrious Torah families of Morocco. Baba Sali zt’l, famed throughout Klal Yisrael, was one of his grandsons, and Rav David Abuchatzeira shlita, the renowned Kabbalist of Nahariya, is a great-great-nephew.

For more than sixty years, Rav Yaakov led his community, and, indeed, all of Moroccan Jewry. He was famed for his miracles, loved for his devotion and caring — and revered for his astonishing knowledge of all facets of Torah, revealed and hidden, written and oral, the simple meaning and the mystical understanding.

And that immense wisdom is now accessible in English, in Pituchei Chotam, Rav Yaakov’s masterly commentary on Torah.

ArtScroll’s Pituchei Chotam gives us the text of his commentary in a flowing translation. (The most esoteric teachings were omitted.) In these pages we will discover so many depths that are hidden in the Torah’s words. We will learn how every Jew resembles a Heavenly angel, and the impact that fact has on our mission in life. We will find out how each of us can bring pleasure to the Shechinah, even in exile. We will gain a deeper understanding of concepts such as the Sefirot, the yetzer hara and yetzer tov, purity and impurity, good and evil. Though the concepts are deep, one of the wonders of this sefer is that the commentary can be understood on many levels, by scholars and laymen alike.

Rav David Chai Abuchatzeira says of his great-grandfather’s sefer, “It is a … storehouse of fear of God and encouragement to serve Him wholeheartedly. May [those who learn his Torah] and all who aid in this endeavor merit all that is good, physically and spiritually. May all their desires be fulfilled in the best possible way….”

We know that every word of the Torah holds many meanings. Now, in the pages of this masterful work, you can access some of the most fascinating meanings.

To get your copy of Pituchei Chotam Volume 2: Bamidbar and Devarim, click here:!


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