Perfect Gifts. For Absolutely Everyone. At 20% Off! ArtScroll’s Amazing 20%-Off Chanukah Sale

Here are some Chanukah numbers you should know.

You can save 20%.

On more than 2000 ArtScroll books.

Including 12 great new books.

Which means – there is something for absolutely everyone this Chanukah.

So what’s new on the ArtScroll bookshelf?

Fans of the What If? series will be thrilled with What If? 4, a new collection of halachic questions to discuss at the Shabbos table. CPR: Resuscitation for Your Soul, brings a modern vibe to our understanding of Shabbos, through the teachings of the Nesivos Shalom.

Rabbi Tzvi Ryzman, a brilliant thinker and author, shares his insights in The Hebrew Months in the Shemoneh Esrei and profoundly enriches our understanding of tefilah. Readers who have discovered the Torah of Zera Shimshon (and, yes, its famed segulah) can enjoy even more Torah selections, as well as more of Rabbi Nachman Seltzer’s stories, in Zera Shimshon 2 – available in individual volumes or as a boxed set.

Tens of thousands of Hebrew speakers have made the Orchos Yosher of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita a major bestseller. ArtScroll’s Orchos Yosher includes the Hebrew sefer, fully menukad, a flowing English translation, and another unique feature – over 150 stories that bring the sefer’s lessons into our lives!

Speaking of stories – how about 104 stories about Rav Aharon Leib Steinman zt’l in a magnificent gift item: The Palace on Chazon Ish Street, a full-color, coffee-table volume filled with stories, hundreds of photos, and quotes and wisdom from R’ Aharon Leib himself.

Want to give a gift of inspiration? Try Stories that Strengthen Your Heart, a collection of true stories by Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky or The Glittering World of Chessed, in which Rabbi Paysach Krohn highlights the chessed of individuals and organizations, guiding us to become better Jews. For novel lovers, we’ve got the newest volume in Avner Gold’s beloved historical fiction series, the greatly expanded The Year of the Sword and M. Kenan’s The Dark Secrets, third in the saga of the Kingdom of Khazar.

Great cooks love great cookbooks – and we’ve got Naomi Nachman’s Perfect Flavors for them! Naomi loves to travel, and she’s brought back with her recipes from all over the planet.

And, finally, ArtScroll hasn’t forgotten the little ones:  A House Full of Chesed – a full-color, illustrated book by bestselling author Shmuel Blitz — tells the story of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis that so enthralled readers of Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup.

12 titles. 20% off. Something for everyone, this Chanukah!

Shop today at!

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