Mazel Tov! Hadran Alach… ArtScroll / Mesorah is proud to announce the celebration of its “Siyum Mishnayos” The Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated is complete in 23 volumes!

The Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated was conceived as an innovative, almost a revolutionary, work: a multilevel Mishnah elucidation that would be appropriate for a variety of different learning styles and needs. It would enable the person learning mishnayos for a yahrzeit or sheloshim to study the mishnayos quickly but still grasp the meaning of each Mishnah as explained by the Bertinoro. Instead of rote recital, the study would become much more satisfying and understandable. Alternatively, someone could learn on a deeper level by delving into the notes, which draw upon the Gemara and classic Mishnah commentaries and also include detailed illustrations.

So did this groundbreaking approach to the study of Mishnah really work? Let’s read what some of the many thousands who have made mishnayos study an integral part of their lives have to say about The Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated:

“My twelve-year-old son just finished 4 sedarim on his own. That’s how clear and easy it is to learn from it.”

“I’m making a siyum on the entire mishnayos. I couldn’t have done it without the Mishnah Elucidated.”

“My father-in-law, a man in his seventies who has had a seder in mishnayos for years, keeps thanking me for introducing him to it. He finds it touches on every significant point needed to fully understand the mishnah, and it does so clearly and succinctly.”

“What the Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud does for daf yomi learners — enabling them to obtain a clear understanding in a short time — the Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated has done for the study of Mishnah.”

Each volume of the Mishnah Elucidated includes the vowelized Hebrew text of the Mishnah and the full text of “the Rav’s” (Rabbeinu Ovadiah of Bertinoro) classic Mishnah commentary. The phrase-by-phrase elucidated translation follows the Schottenstein Edition Talmud format. Notes and diagrams clarify and explain the Mishnah further.

For the bar mitzvah boy … and the seasoned talmid chacham … and the CEO commuting to the office … and the man learning for a yahrzeit … for just about everyone interested in learning Mishnah The Schottenstein Edition of the Mishnah Elucidated is bringing the study of Mishnah to a whole new level.

Hadran alach!

Get learning with the Mishnayos Elucidated today at!

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