ArtScroll’s 20%-Off-Everything Sale!

Finally – it’s June. We’re leaving winter behind, looking forward to sunshine, vacations and, of course, ArtScroll’s June sale! From now until June 26th, take 20% off every one of our more than 2,000 books, including all Siddurim, Machzorim, and Torah and Talmud classics. 

And here’s our fabulous lineup of new books, all included in the sale:

  • The Sephardic Siddur: A breakthrough project carefully designed for the Sephardic community, this siddur includes the Hebrew text, English translation, transliterations, laws and customs, overview and commentary, and many other features, all following Sephardic halachot and minhagim.
  • Incredible 2: Tens of thousands of readers were thrilled by the adventures of Rabbi Yossi Wallis, as told in Incredible! The new Incredible 2 is filled with more fascinating stories, more adventures, more inspiring personalities from Rabbi Wallis’s dynamic life. This book is as incredible… as Incredible!
  • Simply Gourmet: From the co-author of the Bais Yaakov Cookbook, here are more than 130 recipes that are simple to prepare and gourmet in taste. Trendy but traditional, this is the cookbook everyone is raving about.
  • Living Emunah 4: More than just a book, Living Emunah has become a life-changing phenomenon for tens of thousands. All the Living Emunah books, including this new one, are available at this great 20%-off price
  • Living Emunah for Children 2: Emunah is not only for adults! With adorable pictures and stories chosen especially for young readers, this full color book helps our children also discover the incredible power of emunah.    
  • In the Footsteps of Eliyahu HaNavi: In this gorgeous new coffee-table book, Rabbi Berel Wein takes us on an utterly absorbing tour of Jewish history in 40 countries of the diaspora. Includes hundreds of evocative photographs.
  • Blazing Light in the Darkness: A beloved Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Avrohom Kalmanowitz helped build Torah life, in pre-war Europe and the U.S. His efforts enabled the entire Mirrer Yeshivah to escape the Holocaust and, later, he worked tirelessly to rescue the Jews of the Middle East. A fascinating biography of an unusual Torah personality.
  • On My Own but Not Alone: A vital book for single women, widows, divorcees – and for anyone who wants to be sensitive to their needs and help them with their challenges. Features first person narratives by women who are on their own, chapters by noted rabbanim and rebbetzins on hashkafic issues, sections by experts on legal and financial matters, and answers to halachic queries commonly asked by women living alone.

Shop the sale now at!

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