As Incredible As…. Incredible! Incredible 2! From Corporate LA to Arachim Seminars: More of the amazing true story of Rabbi Yossi Wallis by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

Three years ago, Incredible! From the Bronx to Bnei Brak: The amazing true story of Rabbi Yossi Wallis by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer burst upon the Jewish literary scene. Tens of thousands of readers were amazed by Rabbi Yossi Wallis’s fascinating (incredible!) story of his metamorphosis from Bronx gang member to head of one of the world’s largest kiruv organizations. Readers were also astonished by the mesiras nefesh of Yossi’s family:  his grandfather, who chose death over betraying his deepest convictions; his father, who defied the Nazis with his tefilin wrapped proudly on his head as he awaited to be executed on the gallows; and – five hundred years earlier – his ancestor, who was burned in the Inquisition’s auto-da-fe.

Yes, Incredible, with more than 30,000 copies in print, left readers inspired, engaged, fascinated – and clamoring for more.

And now here it is – Rabbi Seltzer’s incredible sequel, Incredible 2! From Corporate LA to Arachim Seminars : More of the amazing true story of Rabbi Yossi Wallis.

In Incredible 2 we will join Yossi on his journey from successful weapons dealer to totally committed Torah Jew. We’ll be astonished by the hashgachah that he experiences as he decides to pay back anything that he’d taken in a manner that was against halachah. We’ll meet the people who helped him on the way: an old man who vanishes as mysteriously as he’d appeared; an even more mysterious laughing rabbi; great men such as Rav Shach zt’l and Rav Chaim Greineman zt’l, who had to restrain their eager student in his quest for greatness in Torah, until he was ready for it.

When it comes to Yossi Wallis, we know to expect the unexpected, and that’s just  as true when he’s CEO of Arachim as it was when he was a young man trying to cut his ties to the Mafia. We will see him boldly take on the “fake news” of the Israeli media when they libel the Torah community. We’ll be with him as Rav Chaim Greineman instructs him to refuse a $400,000 donation (and we’ll be astounded by the wisdom of our gedolim as we read the startling reason why). In Rabbi Wallis’s world, everything turns into a kiruv opportunity – even an FBI investigation!

Incredible 2. It’s as incredible… as Incredible!

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