Unprecedented! ArtScroll’s Siyum HaShas Sale Brings the Largest Discounts Ever!

It’s almost here!

In cities all over the globe, many hundreds of thousands of Jews will soon be gathering together to mark the completion of the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi. The Hadran will be recited countless times, by countless people. There will be singing and dancing, speeches and shiurim.

And then, after all the excitement and inspiration, when the lights in the stadiums are turned off and the parking lots are emptied, we will do what Jews always do.

We will continue to learn.

To mark the siyum of the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi – and the beginning of the 14th cycle – ArtScroll is offering an unprecedented sale on all its Talmud editions. Just listen to these amazing offers, valid through January 6, 2020:

It’s the largest discount ever on the Schottenstein Edition Talmud — save $1000 on the 73-volume set! This incredible offer is valid for both English and Hebrew editions, and in full-size, Daf Yomi size, and compact size editions. If you’ve been longing for the entire set, or have wanted to give it to someone as a memorable gift, now is the time to do it!

The new Daf Yomi cycle begins with Maseches Berachos on January 5th. Begin it with this amazing offer: The Schottenstein Edition Talmud, Berachos Volume 1, Hebrew or English edition, for only $19.99 each – this special offer saves you up to 60% off the regular list price!

If you have some volumes, but not all of them, now is the time to fill in what you’re missing. Save 30% on all hardcover Schottenstein Edition Talmud volumes!

And here is another incredible offer: Get the ultimate Chanukah gift, at the lowest price ever: The complete ArtScroll Digital Library loaded on a New iPad for only $799 (regular list price is $1500). This iPad includes the complete 73 volume Schottenstein English Talmud, all available Schottenstein Hebrew Talmud volumes plus all future volumes, and many, many more ArtScroll classics, as well as a customized leather iPad cover. (The pre-loaded iPad does not need internet to operate or activate.)

ArtScroll wishes a hearty mazel tov to all those who are making a siyum on this Daf Yomi cycle. And if you’re beginning the new cycle – we’ll be there for you, to enhance, enable, and elevate your learning to a whole new level.

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