A Conversation with Rabbi Meyer Yedid author of The Power of Tranquility

The Power of Tranquility shows us how to achieve peace of mind and spirit, explaining basic concepts in a way that is easy to read and understand, with many stories and examples. ArtScroll spoke with Rabbi Meyer Yedid about this important new work.

AS:  Why did you choose to focus on this topic?

RMY: When we enjoy peace of mind, we are able to make the decisions needed to live a successful life. With peace of mind, we have the power to overcome life’s challenges, and we can tap into our wisdom to navigate the often-complicated maze of this world. In addition, peace of mind and serenity of the soul are the most important factors for happiness. The great Mashgiach, Rav Shlomo Wolbe, writes in Alei Shur that the goal of all personal spiritual practice is to be at peace with yourself, with your environment, and with Hashem.

AS: You discuss the importance of discovering our own identities, rather than just reflecting other people’s expectations. What are some techniques that can help on a journey to self-discovery?

RMY: When we fill our days with values such as wisdom, kindness, prayer, good deeds, and spiritual growth, we will realize our own value. The more value we add to ourselves and our days, the less other people’s expectations will matter to us. It’s also important to know that each person is unique and was given specific tools for his or her own special mission in life.

AS: What is the power of “talking” to Hashem?

RMY: We should “talk to Hashem” not only during the three daily prayers. Talking is essential to build any meaningful relationship, and living with a relationship to the Creator is the highest pleasure in life.

AS: In these difficult days, how can we still find tranquility and peace of mind?

RMY: Difficult days can bring a person to a state of confusion and panic. In such situations, people lose access to their wisdom, which causes them to make very poor decisions that can cause serious damage. The ability to find tranquility in such times is critical. A person can achieve tranquility if he has learned and understood the foundations that it is built on. To help us understand those foundations — that is the goal of this sefer.

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