Bringing Parents and Children Together: Let’s Talk Living Emunah

You’re one of the tens of thousands who’ve discovered the power of emunah, through Rabbi David Ashear’s Living Emunah series. You see Hashem in your life, bring bitachon to your challenges, view events through a “gam zu l’tovah” perspective.

But what about your children and students? When things go wrong for them — troubles with friends, self-esteem issues — do they know the emunah approach?

And speaking of your children — when was the last time you spoke to them? Not about oversleeping, messy bedrooms, and when to be home for dinner — but about serious life issues? About emunah?

If you want to have meaningful conversations with your children and at the same time help them incorporate the eternal values of emunah into their lives, we have good news for you.

The good news is called Let’s Talk Living Emunah.

Rabbi Yaakov Bijou, rebbi and director of the Emunah Program in Yeshivat Shaare Torah of Brooklyn, shares the unique beginnings of a unique book. “I give a once a week talk to 6th – 8th grade boys. I wanted to make it hands-on, to get them involved. I would read an excerpt from Living Emunah, pause in the middle of the story and ask the boys a question about their experiences, or how they would react in such a situation, or what they thought Hashem wanted. The idea was to get the children to speak about it and bring emunah into their lives.” 

“The impact was enormous,” says Mrs. C. S. Panski, who crafted the stories and questions in the new book. “More and more students were talking about emunah, reacting with emunah. We knew it was time to bring the movement beyond the yeshivah’s corridors.”

Rabbi David Sutton, who coordinated the project, adds, “The purpose of this book is to create discussion within the family or classroom on the subject of emunah. We don’t want the stories to remain in the book; we want them to become part of the child’s life.”

There are stories about Hashem’s wonders, hashgachah pratis, gratitude, and other emunah topics. The sidebars — “Let’s Talk About It,” “Think a Little Deeper,” and “It Happened to Me” — are designed to get the children thinking — and talking.

At the Shabbos table, or any time you want a meaningful and enjoyable conversation with your children, Let’s Talk Living Emunah!

Order your copy TODAY from

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