The ArtScroll “Machzor Shop”: Find the Machzor That’s Right for You!

This year has added so many new words to our vocabulary. Pandemic. Lockdown. Uptick. Flattening the curve, furloughs, social distancing. And, of course, Covid-19. Scary words, bitter and harsh, words that speak of suffering and fear that was almost unimaginable last Rosh Hashanah.

But though we’ve learned many new, nightmarish words, we also have cherished words of comfort, hope, and faith to turn to: the words of our tefillos.

There are many different ArtScroll machzorim, each one carefully designed help us understand the eternal words of tefillah, so that we can achieve greatness in our davening this Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Choose the one that meets your needs.

The Classic ArtScroll Machzor: With its lyrical and yet readable translation and engrossing commentary by Rabbi Nosson Scherman, beautiful graphics, and comprehensive directions, this is the work that started “the ArtScroll Machzor Revolution.” Available in Nusach Ashkenaz and Sefard, in hardcover and paperback, in full and pocket size, and in elegant leather binding.

The Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Machzor: The interlinear format is perfect for those who want to follow the Hebrew text but quickly access the English translation. The translation appears directly beneath the Hebrew, with ArtScroll’s patented arrow icon gently leading the eyes in the proper direction. Includes full commentary. Available in Nusach Ashkenaz and Sefard, in full and pocket size.

The Seif Edition Transliterated Machzor: The ideal choice for those less familiar with Hebrew, this machzor includes the Hebrew text, with phrase-by-phrase transliteration and translation, and a full commentary.

The ArtScroll Hebrew Machzor: For those prefer an all-Hebrew text, this beautifully typeset machzor is clear and easy to follow. Includes a choice of instructions in either Hebrew or English.

The Large Type Machzor: If you’re constantly putting on and taking off those reading glasses, this is the machzor for you! With extra-large, clear type, uncluttered pages, and a comfortable, manageable page size.

The ArtScroll Children’s Machzor: Kids are people too — and they also want to take part in Klal Yisrael’s tefillos. They can, with Shmuel Blitz’s bestselling ArtScroll Children’s Machzor, featuring evocative pictures, age-appropriate translations, and fascinating facts.

ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications Ltd. wishes all of our readers, and all of Klal Yisrael, a kesivah vachasimah tovah, and a successful and healthy New Year.

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