WATCH: Inside ArtScroll Episode 6 – Interview with Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

Inside ArtScroll: Bringing the books you read, and the people who write them, to life!

The newest episode of Inside ArtScroll features a full-length interview with Rabbi Daniel Glatstein, noted rov and author of The Mystery and the Majesty. As a young, dynamic member of the rabbinate and a renowned marbitz Torah, Rabbi Glatstein has merited delivering over 5,000 shiurim that are available on TorahAnytime. In this interview, Rabbi Glatstein shares details of his background, fascinating stories about his forbears, and enlightening chizuk and words of encouragement to invigorate and inspire us. Watch, listen – and be uplifted.

WATCH NOW: Inside ArtScroll Episode Episode 6 – Interview with Rabbi Daniel Glatstein, Noted Rov and Author of The Mystery and the Majesty

Also available to stream on all major Podcast platforms!

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