Three Important Titles Join ArtScroll’s Talmud and Mishnah Sale!

The sale is on! You can feel the excitement in our shipping department during ArtScroll’s Talmud and Mishnah Sale, as people fill in missing individual volumes at 30% off the retail price, with even bigger discounts on many sets.

Here’s some more great news: The sale includes three titles that will enhance your Gemara learning immeasurably — all at 30% off the retail price.

The Schottenstein Edition Ein Yaakov follows the same format as the classic Schottenstein Talmud, giving us the keys to unlock the treasures of Aggadata. Designed for maximum clarity and readability, it includes a wealth of explanation in the notes, while the “Insights” section brings out the many lessons that are relevant in our lives. It also includes the complete Mesoras HaShas edition of Sefer Ein Yaakov, including the classic commentaries, all newly typeset and vowelized. Each volume includes copies of the classic Vilna page of Gemara, for the pages of text that are covered in Ein Yaakov. The Ein Yaakov text is highlighted on the Gemara page, making it easy for those studying the daf to access this volume’s many features.

The ArtScroll Edition Tosafos includes an Introduction to each Tosafos that gives background information and defines important terms. There is a flowing translation in the format of the Schottenstein Talmud, and Tosafos’ questions and answers are clearly explained. Notes add more vital information. Another unique and important feature: Each Tosafos ends with a summary that shows the flow of the entire Tosafos, so the reader can follow the flow and appreciate the brilliance of the Tosafos.

Introduction to the Talmud enhances our Talmud learning in so many different ways! It includes hundreds of biographies of Tannaim and Amoraim, as well as historical works that discuss the origin of the Mishnah and Gemara, including Rambam’s Introductions to Mishneh Torah / Yad HaChazakah and his Commentary on the Mishnah, with English translation and explanatory notes. It also includes the Iggeres Rav Sherira Gaon, the classic, authoritative 10th-century historical work that describes how the Mishnah and Gemara were formulated, with English translation and explanatory notes. The volume also includes the history of Eretz Yisrael and Babylonia in the Gemara era, giving us an understanding of the world in which Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi were written, as well as essays on the history of the printings of the Talmud and the layout of the classic Vilna page.

Three fantastic titles — all at fantastic discounts!

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