A Conversation with Rabbi Eliezer Krohn Author of A Woman’s Guide to Practical Halachah

AS: What is the backstory of this sefer? Why is there a need for a halachah sefer for women, and how did it come about?

REK: I have had the zechus of teaching halachah to high school and seminary-age girls and married women for many years now. They are all thirsty for PRACTICAL halachah: What is the bottom line and what am I allowed and not allowed to do? I saw a need for a sefer where many of the halachos that are relevant to women on a day-to-day basis would be presented in a clear and concise manner. There are plenty of wonderful sefarim that delve into specific topics at length. And although they provide the practical halachah at the end, there is often so much information that it can become overwhelming for the girl or woman looking for a specific answer to a question. This sefer is straightforward and to the point. Yes, there will be she’ailos that women will still have to ask, but the standard, general halachos are all there, easily accessible.

AS: What are some of the topics covered, and what went into choosing them?

REK: Topics covered include tefillah, Krias Shema Al Hamitah, waking up in the morning, berachos, kibud av ve’eim, the mitzvos of Shabbos and Yom Tov as they apply to women, halachos that come up around the house and particularly the kitchen (except the Kashrus aspects, which are not covered) and many women’s issues, such as yichud, kol ishah, negiah, tznius, bas mitzvah, and more. These are topics that I am asked about so often through emails and phone calls. This sefer can guide so many people (even men) in these intricate topics.

AS: What are some of the special challenges that women have in living a life based on halachah today?

REK: There is a special challenge following halachah today due to the fact that we are so technologically connected to many other people and media. Therefore, we hear so many different things from different sources and we are left confused as to what is the correct practical halachah. This sefer will b’ezras Hashem set things straight as to which is the best way to follow halachah.

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