Two Major New Books by Yisroel Besser: Arise and Sing: The power of the first prayers of the day through commentary, stories, and inspiration and Building for Eternity: The life and legacy of Reb Moshe Reichmann

Quick Kislev riddle: What could be better than a new Yisroel Besser book for Chanukah? The answer? TWO new Yisroel Besser books for Chanukah!

That’s right. ArtScroll presents two new books by Yisroel Besser that are very different — but that both provide the engaging stories and soul-stirring insights and inspiration that we’ve come to expect from him.

How does your day begin? With yawns and half-opened eyes? With pulsing adrenaline and mental to-do lists that shatter any possibility of tranquility? 

Chazal show us a different way to start the morning: with gratitude, anticipation, joy and, yes, kedushah

With Birchos HaShachar.

Following the amazingly successful format of Yisroel Besser’s bestselling Nishmas: Song of the Soul, we can now enjoy Arise and Sing: The power of the first prayers of the day through commentary, stories, and inspiration.  

Speaking with Yisroel Besser, you feel his passion, his belief that we can make a “good morning” into a great day. “The Anshei Knessess HaGedolah gave us a gift: tefillah,” he explains. “Every word of the morning tefillos is laden with significance, with the possibility to transform your whole day.” 

Arise and Sing gives us a meaningful understanding of the prayers we say daily, while inspiring us through fascinating stories.

“Not only will it change your morning,” says the author, “it will change your whole day — and maybe your life.”

In Building for Eternity, Yisroel Besser brings us the extraordinary story of Reb Moshe Reichmann. It’s a story of honesty, modesty, bitachon — and deep love for Hashem, His Torah, and His people.

From modest beginnings, Reb Moshe Reichmann built his family firm, Olympia and York, into one of the world’s largest construction and real estate empires. It became a symbol of business integrity, a global kiddush Hashem. But He built more than skyscrapers. He built shuls and schools, kollels and kehlilos, impacting almost every aspect of Torah life. He gave more than just funding: He gave time, genuine concern, and spot-on advice. 

The most respected financiers on earth were in awe of him. World leaders paid him homage. Yet he remained the modest ben Torah that he’d been as a young man, deferring always to the gedolim and making Torah study the central part of his life.

The author of the bestseller Just Love Them brings us another captivating biography that shows us just how much potential for greatness lies in every one of us. 

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