A Conversation with Rabbi Nachman Seltzer About The Zera Shimshon Eishes Chayil

AS: Tell us a little about Zera Shimshon Eishes Chayil.

RNS: When we first released the Zera Shimshon back in 2017, it soon became clear that there was something about the Zera Shimshon’s Torah that spoke to peoples’ neshamos. When I learned that the Zera Shimshon had written a peirush on Eishes Chayil, I was intrigued, and I decided it deserved its own sefer. We would be combining the uniqueness of the Zera Shimshon with the beauty of the beloved words that so many people sing as we usher in Shabbos.

AS: The sefer includes fascinating stories about the famed segulah of the Zera Shimshon. Can you share a story, to whet our appetite?

RNS: One of the many stories in the book tells about a family trying for five years to find their son a shidduch. Then they heard about the segulah of the Zera Shimshon, and about the book, which included vertlach from the sefer as well as stories. The family began learning from it every Shabbos, as a zechus for their son to find a shidduch. He was engaged about nine months later.

Everyone knows the segulah ofgoing to the Kosel for forty days, reciting Shir HaShirim, or saying Tehillim. This family did a cheshbon and realized that their son became engaged after exactly forty weeks of learning the sefer — that’s forty Shabboses!  

AS: The sefer also features “The Bais Yaakov Treasury.” What’s that about?

RNS: The Zera Shimshon team put together segments of the Zera Shimshon’s Torah that were focused on the greatness of the Jewish woman and we added those pieces to his peirush on the Eishes Chayil — very appropriate, since Eishes Chayil is an ode to the Jewish wife.

AS: How will this sefer change the way we look at the words of Eishes Chayil at our Shabbos table — and how we look at the role of Jewish women today? RNS: I was surprised by how the Zera Shimshon “got” the women of today when he wrote his peirush about 250 years ago. He writes about business and real estate and many things that you wouldn’t imagine a rav from long ago would write about. The peirush is very applicable to the woman of today. But you’re going to have to read it to truly grasp what I’m talking about.

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