Bitachon … Through the Eyes of the Alter of Novardok

Sefer Madreigas HaAdam: Maamar Darchei HaBitachon – The Path of Bitachon

Reb Yosef Yoizel Horowitz, the Alter of Novardok, was a legendary figure whose teachings had a huge impact on the Torah world, both in his own time and even in ours. Thousands of talmidim followed the “Novardok derech,” which emphasizes the vital importance of character development and refinement. In his classic work, Madreigas HaAdam, the Alter offers perceptive insights into human behavior — and guidance in how to perfect ourselves.

Maamar Darchei HaBitachon isone of the best-known essays in Madreigas HaAdam.In this incisive essay, now available in an ArtScroll English-language translation and elucidation, the Alter applies his classic Novardok thought processes to the mitzvah of bitachon, trust in Hashem. He shows us how bitachon means to constantly live with trust in and reliance on Hashem, and that we can, and must, strive to do so. He explores the essence of bitachon, what it demands of us, and how we can acquire deep trust in Hashem’s infinite goodness. He discusses the complex relationship between relying on Hashem and human effort, and examines the amazing power of trust to help the sincere baal bitachon who faces difficult challenges.

The Alter carefully examines the text of the Chumash, showing us how the steadfast bitachon of our forefathers served them well — and showing us, too, how we can follow in their path of bitachon. In words both inspiring and instructive, the Alter shows us how every person, in every generation, can acquire unshakeable bitachon — and he makes it very clear to us how that unshakeable bitachon will lead us to a life of serenity.  

The Haas Family Edition of Madreigas HaAdam: Maamar Darchei HaBitachon — The Path of Bitachon includes a translation, elucidation, and notes on this seminal essay, as well as vignettes from the life of the Alter that relate to the topics discussed in the work. These fascinating stories about the Alter show us how he himself lived a life of unwavering bitachon and was given Siyata DiShmaya to accomplish more than anyone would have believed possible.

With the brilliance and perception of the Alter of Novardok as our guide, we will find ourselves walking on the “Path to Bitachon” — and dealing with life’s challenges with calm and tranquility, secure in our trust in Hashem and His goodness.

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