New in the Bestselling Series! Living Emunah on Shidduchim

Looking for a shidduch for your child, your best friend, your chavrusa — or maybe even yourself?

Send out those resumes. Contact those shadchanim. Network among neighbors, relatives, and friends. Power up that hishtadlus, and redt as many shidduchim as you can.

But don’t forget to do what Jews do best.

Turn to emunah.

With more than 300,000 copies in print, the Living Emunah series has taken us on quite a remarkable journey. Along the way we’ve learned to deepen our trust in Hashem. To see His loving intervention in every aspect of our lives. To understand that even the challenges, the hard stuff, are sent to help us grow in ways we could never have imagined.

In Living Emunah on Shidduchim, Rabbi David Ashear takes us into the challenging world of shidduchim. The Talmud likens finding a spouse to Kriyas Yam Suf (Sanhedrin 22a), and nowadays it seems that so many of our loved ones are waiting for that raging sea to split for them.

How can we stay calm and tranquil when the wait to find a shidduch for ourselves or people we love sometimes seems endless? How should a person react in the face of disappointment or rejection? How do we find the proper balance between hishtadlus and emunah? With sensitivity, compassion, and — of course! — emunah, Living Emunah on Shidduchim guides us through the “parashah” of shidduchim.

As in all his bestselling books, Rabbi Ashear combines Torah insights with real-life stories that show how Hashem is the Master Shadchan, and how trusting in Him brings great reward. We see how, indeed, Hashem’s salvation can come in the blink of an eye, as it does in many shidduchim.

A 36-year-old woman shared her story with Rabbi Ashear, saying, “When the right man finally came along, because the time was finally right, Hashem guided me through the process so easily …  it was just the time that Hashem knew was right and He brought it about in a very simple way …. I don’t know why Hashem wanted me to wait so many years, but that’s fine. It’s okay not to understand Hashem; we’re only human.”

Yes, we’re only human but, as we see in every page, every story in Living Emunah on Shidduchim, we are Jews who trust Hashem. And we know He will split the sea for us, at the right time.

Buy your copy of Living Emunah on Shidduchim today on!

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