Weekly Free Download: Gateway to Judaism

Last week, we introduced our new Spotlight on ArtScroll Treasures feature, where we shine the spotlight on some of the excellent classics that we’ve published in our almost forty year history. One of those treasures is an ArtScroll best-seller, Gateway to Judaism.

Gateway to Judaism is unique. It offers a distinctive blend of Jewish philosophy, Jewish law, and practical application illustrated through the experiences of “the Levy’s”, a fictional family that guides us through traditional Jewish customs, holidays, and lifecycle events.

The book addresses many fascinating and essential aspects of traditional faith and practice, including:

What are the major milestones of Jewish life? | How do we pray? | Why do we keep kosher? | Why do we put mezuzahs on doorposts? | What are the thirteen fundamentals of Jewish thought? | What is the rationale for observing the commandments of the Torah (mitzvot)? | Why is Torah study central to Jewish communal life? | How can we know the Torah is a divine document? | Why are justice, charity, kindness, and ethics such important issues amongst Jews? | Why do we have so many holidays and what do they signify? | Why do we say so many blessings (brachot)? |

This week, we’re offering the chapter about Shabbos for our free download. Save it, print it, read it, and make sure to share it with anyone who would benefit from it.

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