Weekly Learning Download: Parashas Vayikra

frphThis week’s Parashah download comes from a popular ArtScroll classic, Rabbi Frand on the Parashah.

One of the world’s most popular speakers, Rabbi Frand delivers lessons on the week’s parashah and carries them into our daily lives.The weekly Torah readings will be immeasurably enriched by Rabbi Frand’s well-reasoned, solidly constructed presentations. This book is a pleasure to read — and its many messages will remain with the reader long after it is put down.

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Weekly Learning Download: Parashas Vayakhel

Every week, the Official ArtScroll Blog features a free learning download to enhance your shabbos and your learning.

This week’s free learning download is excerpted from Torah for Your Table, by Rabbi Yisroel Jungreis and Rabbi Osher Anshel Jungreis with Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. This warm volume centers around the Shabbos table and invites the exchange of ideas and discussion.

Whether you are a newcomer to Torah thought or have dedicated many years to its study, Torah for Your Table will enhance the flavor of your every meal.

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Weekly Torah Learning: Parshas Ki Sisa {Free Download}

This week’s free download on the parshah comes from a book celebrating a big milestone this month.

Tales of Tzaddikim is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this month!

This popular series is part of The ArtScroll Youth series. It teaches young adults (and grown-ups too!) about the parsha through stories from our sages and Torah leaders.

In celebration of its 15 year anniversary, we are featuring an excerpt from this Tales of Tzaddikim’s section on this week’s parshah for this week’s free learning download.

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Enjoyed the excerpt? You’ll love the book:

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Introducing: Weekly Torah Learning on The ArtScroll Blog

Introducing a new project on the Official ArtScroll Blog: free weekly learning on the week’s parshah and other timely topics.

Join us every Tursday on the Official ArtScroll Blog for a free downloadable lesson on the parshah, excerpted from ArtScroll’s extensive library. Presented in a convenient PDF format, you can learn it now on your computer, or print it out to learn on shabbos.

This week’s lesson is excerpted from best-selling author Rabbi Yechiel Spero’s popular Touched by the ParashahThe series is split into Volume I – Bereishis and Shemos, and Volume II – Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devorim.

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If you enjoyed the excerpt, you’ll love the book:

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