Great Pesach Titles!

We’ve made it! Houses sparkling and chametz-free. Fabulous food, gorgeous new clothes. Finally — it’s Pesach!

With Yom Tov and Chol HaMoed here, we have time to breathe. To relax. To learn. To be entertained — and to be inspired.

And — finally, finally! — we have time to read books that are engrossing, enthralling, illuminating, absorbing.

ArtScroll has a new book for every age and every stage, perfect for Pesach reading. Here’s a sampling:


My Last Year in Mitzrayim: Chaim Greenbaum, bestselling author of novels including The Will and The Mexico File, shows he can write amazing and exciting books for younger readers too. My Last Year in Mitzrayim brings us the fictional “diary” of Amiasaf, a Jewish boy enslaved in Pharaoh’s Egypt. Readers ages 8 and up will cry — and laugh — with Amiasaf, as he describes his terrible enslavement and the wondrous events that took place as the redemption grew near. Pesach will become so much more meaningful as our children experience galus and geulah with children their own age, right there in Mitzrayim. Click here to get yours today at!


Silver and Gold: Teens are going to love this one! It’s about everything that’s important to them: Friendship, growing up, secrets (when to keep them, and when not to), and trust. Written beautifully by Zivia Reischer, Silver and Gold is one of those rare books that is fun to read, and even more fun to think about and share with friends. Click here to get yours today at!



Stardust: Popular author C. B. Weinfeld has a marvelous talent for finding stories about unexpected greatness. Where others see a shabby old lady and her shy granddaughter, she sees a strong and generous personality in the making. An old copper box decorated with pretty engravings holds more than aromatic snuff — it contains a man’s desperate desire to succeed, and his even more powerful wish to keep his father happy. This is a collection of stories that leave us amazed. Sometimes they bring a tear to our eye, sometimes they make us laugh — but always, they strengthen our belief in others and in our own potential for greatness. Click here to get yours today at!



Promised Child: Thirty-five years ago, Avner Gold’s The Promised Child burst onto the Jewish literary scene and became an instant classic. Now rewritten, with fourteen brand-new chapters, it is twice as long as the original, and more than twice as good. Set in 16th-century Poland, this is a dramatic tale of vengeance, arson, betrayal, abduction, and rescue — historical fiction at its most exciting. Click here to get yours today at!

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