“Four Questions” for Our Readers: Rabbi Frand on the Haggadah

Here are “four questions” in honor of the upcoming Seder:

One:  Would you like the Seder to have an impact on your life?

Two:  Would you like the Seder to have an impact on the lives of your children? Your family? Your guests?

Three: Would you like the Seder’s impact to last long after the matzah has disappeared from your home?

Four: Is it even possible? If so — how?

If you answered “yes” to the first three questions, then here’s our answer to the fourth: Yes. It is possible for the Seder to impact on your life. And yes, it is possible for that impact to last.

How? To begin with, you need a Haggadah with a commentary that explains the eternal significance of what happened on that unforgettable day in Nissan. A commentary that discusses the role of emunah and hashgachah pratis in Egypt — and in our everyday lives. A commentary that deepens our belief that Hashem knows and cares for us, that we have a special mission to accomplish, and that we have the means to accomplish it. And a commentary that is written in a way that interests, engages, and inspires us.

In other words: A commentary like Rabbi Frand on the Haggadah.

Pesach night, as Rabbi Frand tells us, is more than just a commemoration of a major event in our history. The goal of the Seder is to strengthen us in our emunah, inspire us in our observance, and give us a deeper and closer relationship to Hashem. It’s the goal of the night — and the goal of this Haggadah.

Sounds a bit daunting, right? But those of you who have read Rabbi Frand’s bestselling books, heard him in person or on his popular audio CDs, know that his messages to us are wrapped in his trademark warmth, compassion, wit, and humor. Here is authentic mesorah, combined with a profound understanding of our contemporary lives and challenges.

Here is a Haggadah whose messages will resonate throughout the year.

Wouldn’t you love to have Rabbi Frand as your own personal “scholar-in-residence,” sitting with you at your Seder table? You can come pretty close as you pore over, and share, his wise words in Rabbi Frand on the Haggadah.

Click here to get your copy today from artscroll.com!

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