Creative, Unique, Fun – and Just in Time for Shavuos! Millennial Kosher: Recipes reinvented for the modern palate

Chanie Apfelbaum has been very, very busy in Brooklyn — and we’re going to LOVE what she’s got for us!

If you’re one of Chanie’s tens of thousands of followers of her popular food blog, Busy in Brooklyn, you know all about her ultra-creative, super-fun, and absolutely delicious recipes. Chanie always dreamed of writing her very own cookbook, and now her dream has come true, with ArtScroll’s Millennial Kosher: Recipes reinvented for the modern palate.

What was Chanie’s vision for the book? “I felt that the kosher food world needed something fresh and new — food influenced by international cultural cuisine, recipes using bold ingredients and spices, and dishes without the dreaded margarine and onion soup mix of our youth. I wanted to make cooking fun, and brighten dishes up with color.”

Millennial Kosher is not just for millennials — it’s for anyone who appreciates creative cuisine. As Chanie tells us, “When I thought about the dishes I wanted to include in the book, I realized that I had to appeal to a wide spectrum — people who love my healthy recipes, people all over the world who make my not-so-healthy hasselback salami, those who want Yom Tov recipes, people who want quick and easy dinners, and those who want recipes that are more complex. Of course, I also needed to appeal to those who want to introduce fresh and new ingredients into their dishes, and also those who prefer to use basic pantry staples. I think I found a good balance, and there is truly something for everyone in this book!”

Millennial Kosher gives all of us the information and inspiration we need to cook and serve sophisticated yet lively cuisine. A special section shows us the tools, equipment, ingredients, and staples needed to “cook millennial.” The “Guide to Kosher Meat Cookery” demystifies the various cuts and cooking methods for meat.

And, of course, there are the recipes:  fun, unique, delicious. Shavuos is coming, right after Shabbos — that’s six festive meals! Why not start with One Bowl Honey Challah. Baklava Blintz Bundles make a gorgeous dairy dish, and for a meat meal, why not try Sticky Silan Short Ribs with a side of Confetti Cabbage? Dessert? Here are some of the showstoppers: Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake, Pecan Pie Bites and Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache Tart with a Macaroon Crust.

So start cooking millennial — you’re going to love it!

Click here to order your copy of Millennial Kosher today!

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