New in the Bestselling Series! Living Emunah 4!

It began less than five years ago, with the publication of Living Emunah. Readers loved it for its message of faith and optimism, its fantastic stories and insights. It transformed countless lives; for many, reading it became a highlight of their day. It was translated into Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish, and French, and versions were created for youngsters and teens. Living Emunah 2 and 3 followed, also bestsellers, also beloved. Amazingly, there are now over 150,000 copies of the Living Emunah series now in print!

And here’s more great news: Living Emunah 4 has just been released!

So what’s all the excitement about emunah, and why are so many people interested in putting it at the center of their lives?

Have you seen the headlines lately? Opioid epidemics. Rising suicide rates. Valium abuse. Hatred raging everywhere.

As Living Emunah author Rabbi David Ashear astutely says in his Introduction to the newly-released Living Emunah 4, “Living without the knowledge that Hashem is our loving Father can be miserable ….”

And if we live with the knowledge that Hashem is involved in every facet of our lives, that He knows what we need, and that He wants only to benefit us? If we live with emunah?

“To one who lives with emunah and bitachon, life will become one long party and his days will be filled with happiness. He’ll feel Hashem’s benevolence and understand that he has a Father in Heaven constantly looking out for his well-being…. The botei’ach b’Hashem always feels secure, totally relying on the fact that Hashem knows what he needs better than he does himself ….”

People who live with emunah do not have to numb their pain with drugs; they can run to Hashem instead.

Like every valuable accomplishment, emunah must be worked on, encouraged, and nurtured. That’s where the Living Emunah series comes in. In Living Emunah 4, as in the previous volumes, Rabbi Ashear gives us a remarkable combination of chizuk and stories to build up our faith. He touches our hearts and enlightens our minds. And, amazingly, he does it in brief readings that we can fit into our overscheduled, hurried lives.

When the kabbalist Rabbi Dovid Abuchatzeira shlita asked Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman zt”l what mitzvah should be the priority today, Rav Aharon Leib’s reply was short and to the point: To strengthen ourselves in emunah and bitachon.

That’s what tens of thousands are doing every day — through Living Emunah!

Get your copy today at!

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