Two Fantastic Historical Novels: Freefall by Miriam Zakon and Twilight by Avner Gold

After all the work — the cleaning, shopping, koshering — you’ve certainly earned some time to relax. And what better way to relax than with a novel that transports you to a different time and place? A novel that brings you characters who become almost real to you? A novel that keeps you turning page after exciting page?  

ArtScroll has two fantastic new historical novels for you. Enjoy your well-earned literary treat!

Freefall by Miriam Zakon:

Freefall is the epic saga of a young woman searching for happiness, a war orphan searching for words, and a young man searching for his father’s love.

The year is 1941. The flames of war are blazing throughout Europe. By the end of the year, with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, America will join the Allies in their desperate struggle against the Axis powers.

In the Freed Hotel, a simple Coney Island boarding house, other battles are being fought. Its owner, Yeruchum Freed, is determined and resolute in his vision: to raise his children as uncompromising Torah Jews. But do his children, Annie and Moe, share that dream?

Set against the fascinating backdrop of the American experience during the Second World War, as well as the battlefields of war-torn Europe, Freefall offers a vivid and unforgettable cast of characters, a wealth of riveting historical details, and an engaging, suspense-filled story that readers will not be able to put down. 

Twilight (Expanded Edition) by Avner Gold:

Twilight is the next novel in the famed Strasbourg Saga. This expanded edition follows the exploits of the popular characters of the Saga from the end of 1649 through 1658.

As the story begins, a report of twins abducted by the Cossacks spurs Elisha Ringel to action. He manages to secure a meeting with Bogdan Chmielnicki, the hetman of the Cossacks, in his headquarters in Zaporozhiye, and there the exciting story unfolds, coming to a climax in Warsaw nine years later. In the course of the story, we also meet Rav Shabsi Kohein, the Shach, and follow the turbulent events of his life through the eyes of Rav Shloime Strasbourg, rabbi of Pulichev.

Twilight is that fragile moment that is not quite night and not quite day. The period described in this book was a twilight time. The wounds of war were not yet healed, but there was hope once again. Here is historical fiction at its best.

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