The Schottenstein Edition Ein Yaakov: Opening the Treasure House of Aggadah to All

ArtScroll is proud to announce the publication of the Schottenstein Edition Ein Yaakov, Maseches Berachos Volume 1 (Chapters 1 – 4), which will bring our understanding of the Talmud’s Aggadah to a whole new level.

Sefer Ein Yaakov is the classic collection of the Aggadic material found in Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi. Aggadah, the non-legal portion of Gemara, is so rich in meaning, so vivid, so full of the teachings that define us as Jews — and, sometimes, so hard to understand. Aggadah is a treasure house of stories, parables, fundamental Jewish beliefs, ethical teachings, and life lessons. The Schottenstein Edition Ein Yaakov gives us the keys we need to unlock those treasures and make them a part of our own lives. 

Designed to enhance our understanding of Aggadah and allow us to apply its many lessons and insights into our own world and its challenges, this volume is written in a narrative style, with an emphasis on maximum readability. There is a wealth of information in the notes, based on the primary commentaries on Ein Yaakov and other sources. The “Insights” section brings out the many lessons and principles that are relevant in our daily lives, drawn from commentaries ranging from the Rishonim to the masters of Chassidus and Mussar.

Another valuable feature: This edition includes the complete Mesoras HaShas edition of Sefer Ein Yaakov, including the classic commentaries, all newly typeset.

For those who study Gemara regularly, and particularly for those who will be following the new Daf Yomi cycle, the series offers a unique resource. Each volume includes copies of the classic Vilna page of Gemara, for the pages whose text is covered in Ein Yaakov. The Ein Yaakov text is highlighted on the Gemara page, making it easy for those studying the daf to access the many insights, notes, and references in the Schottenstein Edition Ein Yaakov.

An “Additional References” section offers many different sources, with short descriptions of which points are discussed, so that the reader can decide which he wishes to explore further.

This exciting new project is designed for scholars and laymen, kollel members and seminary students, talmidei chachamim and the newly observant; indeed, the Schottenstein Edition Ein Yaakov is designed for anyone who wants to access the infinite treasures of Aggadah.

Get your copy TODAY at!

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