Bringing the Study of Zera Shimshon to a Whole New Level! Premiere Volume in the set: Zera Shimshon on Megillas Esther

Rav Shimshon Chaim Nachmani was one of the greatest rabbanim in 18th-century Italy. In his Introduction to his Torah commentary, Zera Shimshon, he speaks of the tragic death of his only son. He writes, “With His [Hashem’s] enormous lovingkindness, even though He had taken away my only son … He still remembered me mercifully, and He has given me ‘other descendants.’” Those “other descendants” were Rav Shimshon Chaim’s Torah commentaries, Zera Shimshon and Toldos Shimshon.

To those who would learn his sefarim, he promised great blessings, writing, “Your eyes shall see children and children’s children, like olive shoots around your table. Your homes will be full of all the good. Wealth and honor will not cease from your descendants ….”

For close to two centuries, the “segulah of the Zera Shimshon,” and the sefarim themselves, were almost forgotten, only to be rediscovered about a decade ago. First there was a story of an amazing recovery from illness after someone learned Zera Shimshon. Then another story, and another — shidduchim coming about after years of searching, business opportunities opening up, etc.

As people heard about the commentary and the segulah connected to it, thousands flocked to learn the sefer, but many found it a challenging task. There are so many treasures in the Zera Shimshon — but they are not easily uncovered. The commentary is complex and written in a terse style, with countless allusions to concepts and text from all over the Written and Oral Torah.

Over the past few years ArtScroll heard the request again and again: Give us an elucidated translation of the Zera Shimshon so that we, too, can truly understand this beautiful but challenging commentary.

You asked; we answered. And so, ArtScroll proudly announces the publication of The Zera Shimshon on Megillas Esther, the first title in a projected multivolume series, The Zera Shimshon on the Torah.

This beautiful premiere volume contains the full Hebrew text of the commentary, together with a translation and elucidation that follow the classic ArtScroll style. In 22 “derashos,” the Zera Shimshon offers us a new and fascinating perspective on the historical and spiritual background of Haman’s schemes, Esther’s defense of her people, Mordechai’s victory, and, of course, Hashem’s hidden Hand in the miracle.

More than any segulah, the Torah insights of the Zera Shimshon are transformative. And you can access them — and enrich your Purim and your life — with Zera Shimshon on Megillas Esther.

Get your copy TODAY at!

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