Let’s Welcome the Newest Member of ArtScroll’s “Megillas Esther Family”: The Czuker Edition Mikraos Gedolos Megillas Esther

Beyond the seudos and the mishloach manos and the costumes and the fun … there is Megillas Esther. There is so much to discover, so much to learn in this beloved sefer. How to deal with Jew-hatred, life in a galus that offers material plenty, finding Hashem when He seems most hidden — here are themes and hashkafic insights that speak so clearly to our own concerns and challenges.

Megillas Esther occupies a very special place in the ArtScroll office. After all, Esther: The Megillah was the very first ArtScroll book! Now, more than four decades and over 100,000 copies later, it remains the gold standard of translation, with commentary by Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz z’l, and Overview by Rabbi Nosson Scherman.

For this Purim, ArtScroll proudly welcomes the newest member of our Megillah “family” — The Czuker Edition Mikraos Gedolos Megillas Esther.

Like all the others in this very successful series, the Mikraos Gedolos Megillas Esther features all the classic Mikraos Gedolos commentaries, newly typeset, fully menukad, with all roshei teivos opened. This volume also includes Kitzur Alshich, an abridged version of the famed Alshich commentary on the Megillah, Biurei HaGra, and the Malbim’s Iggeres HaPurim. State-of-the-art typography ensures a wonderful learning experience. The binding is side sewn, library quality and the paper is acid-free and specially milled, to ensure the volumes will last for generations. Although the Megillah will be included in a forthcoming volume of all five Megillos, it is now available for Purim, in a conveniently sized separate edition, perfect for bringing to the Megillah reading.

The Cuzker Edition Mikraos Gedolos Megillas Esther is joining a very illustrious Megillas Esther “family.” The Schottenstein Interlinear Megillah, with its patented interlinear format, allows the reader to “read it in Hebrew and understand it in English” by placing the English translation directly beneath the Hebrew text. The Family Megillah offers a flowing translation, spiced with short capsule comments throughout, and the Lipman Edition Megillah with Complete Purim Evening Services offers a translation and commentary on the Megillah, together with Minchah for Taanis Esther and the Maariv service for Purim.

Whatever your needs and background, you will find an ArtScroll Megillas Esther that is right for you!

Order your copy today from Artscroll.com!

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