The ArtScroll Cookbook Collection: Perfect for family bonding — and now available at the lowest price ever!

The kids are spending the entire morning busy and happy, playing MasterChef. Each of the children was given the same ingredients. Everyone is excited to see what delicious dishes they will cook up. The winner? Chaya’s cherry pie — and the whole family, who all enjoyed a fun, laughter-filled morning.

Mommy brought a boxful of interesting ingredients. Now the entire family is baking and cooking together to celebrate Baruch’s birthday and Tatty’s siyum.

Bubby is making pizza with the eineklach. They’re rolling dough, spreading tomato sauce, sprinkling cheese — all together, via Zoom.

More and more families have discovered how cooking and baking together keep children busy and happy, and, most important, connected to each other and to their parents and grandparents.

As one mother put it, “Food may be love, but cooking together is bonding!”

With so many children out of school and at home, ArtScroll is making our readers an unprecedented offer: Take 30% off every single ArtScroll cookbook!

Cooking with kids is especially fun when you’re using a children’s cookbook. Kids Cooking with Chef Shiri offers guaranteed kid-pleasers: think Teddy Bear Toast, Marshmallow Sprinkle Cookies, and Roasted Vegetable Pizza with Pastrami. Every recipe also includes “A Dash of Humor,” a joke that will get the kids giggling as they cook, “Fun Food Facts,” and Buzz the Berachos Bee, who presents interesting info about berachos.

In Kosher by Design: Kids in the Kitchen, Susie Fishbein, the “Queen of Kosher Cooking,” gives young chefs step-by-step instructions for gourmet goodies, including Breakfast Burritos and Creamsicle Shakes.

If you’re one of Victoria Dwek’s and Leah Schapira’s thousands of fans, you’ll enjoy showing kids their cookbook, Kids Cooking Made Easy, with over 60 recipes for children.

Family cooking can also include more “grown-up” dishes, and that’s why every single ArtScroll cookbook that’s in print is included in this sale. We’re talking serious bestsellers here, like Chanie Apflebaum’s Millennial Kosher, Miriam Pascal’s Real Life Kosher Cooking, Daniella Silver’s The Silver Platter, and Naomi Nachman’s Perfect Flavors. All the gourmet greats are on the list: Susie Fishbein, Rivky Kleiman, Victoria Dwek, Leah Schapira, and Renee Muller.

Every one of these cookbooks is ArtScroll quality. That means gorgeous layouts, stunning pictures, and tested recipes that really work. And now, they’re available at the lowest price ever: 30% off the list price!

Cooking with an ArtScroll cookbook. What better way to spend time quality family time — and end the day with something very, very delicious!

Order now on!

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