Two Major New Releases: Living Emunah 5 by Rabbi David Ashear and Our Man in Jerusalem by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

Pandemics. Looting. Tragedies, both personal and communal. And the imploding of many parnassah opportunities — and so many dreams for the future.

Tough times.                                                  

Tough times call for tough measures. Measures like ramping up our tefillos. Like performing sensitive and effective acts of chesed. Like looking out for everyone who lives alone, who needs food or just a listening ear.

And deepening our faith in Hashem’s goodness, so we can respond to challenges the way our people have always responded — with emunah.

With more than 200,000 copies in print, the Living Emunah series has transformed so many of our lives. Now, as we struggle to deal with new and frightening challenges, ArtScroll has just released Living Emunah 5. With its stories of emunah, its Torah insights, and its clear, practical suggestions, Living Emunah 5 gently shows us how to move our faith from our minds to our hearts — and to our everyday lives.

This volume was written in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a special section on the pandemic, Living Emunah author Rabbi David Ashear shows us how the power of emunah can support and guide us, even in the dark times when we feel utterly powerless.

Serenity, tranquility, hope: All things are possible, when we face them with “living” emunah.

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Rabbi Nachman Seltzer offers fast-paced inspiration in Our Man in Jerusalem, his new book that readers are beginning to call “The new Incredible.”

Renowned as the “Ish Yerushalayim,” the “Man of Jerusalem,” Rabbi Yisroel Gellis, the subject of the book, is also a journalist, radio broadcaster, and historian — and a tenth-generation Yerushalmi who knows the Holy City like few people on this earth. He is a man who loves adventure, rappelling into deep caves to discover their dusty secrets, dodging Jordanian bullets during the Six-Day War, jumping into the choppy Mediterranean waters (and falling in!) to broadcast his radio show. Israel’s Mossad needs someone to smuggle hundreds of Sifrei Torah out of war-torn Iraq? Yisroel Gellis is part of the team. When an Arab who discovers his mother was Jewish wants to rebury her in a Jewish cemetery, whom does he call for help? Yisroel Gellis, of course!

Bestselling author Rabbi Nachman Seltzer combines his brilliant storytelling talents with Rabbi Gellis’s unusual and exciting life and immense knowledge of all things Yerushalmi to give us a book as unexpected and multifaceted as Yerushalayim itself.

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