ArtScroll’s Biggest June Sale Ever! Take 25% Off Every ArtScroll Book!

Every year, our readers look forward to our June sale. This year, after the tough winter and spring that we’ve all gone through, we’re offering our readers a very special treat: ArtScroll’s Biggest June Sale Ever! From now until June 29, you can get EVERY SINGLE ARTSCROLL BOOK at 25% off the list price!

This year, we’ve got an “all-star lineup” of blockbuster new books. Fantastic reading, at a fantastic price:

More than just a book, Living Emunah has become a life-changing phenomenon for hundreds of thousands. The newly released Living Emunah 5 includes a special section of chizuk for the Covid-19 crisis. Yes, you can enjoy confidence and serenity, even in challenging times — with the power of emunah!

The Rebbetzin. An epic biography — over 650 pages, with 300 photos! — of the unforgettable Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, by master storyteller Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. With more than 10,000 copies sold in the first month, this has deservedly become an instant bestseller!

LifeLines 3: C. Saphir does it again, with more true, fascinating stories. Includes “Postscripts,” a special feature that gives us the “story behind the story.”

Just Love Them: Enter the exuberant and loving world of Rabbi Dovid Trenk. His enthusiasm was more contagious than any virus. He infused talmidim and anyone he embraced with confidence and optimism. Most of all, he was a master builder of people. A magnificent new biography by Rabbi Yisroel Besser.

When the Curtains Part: C.B. Weinfeld looks “behind the curtains” and find courage. Joy. Heartbreak. Misunderstandings and friendship and forgiveness and all the infinite emotions and behaviors that make her stories so unusual, so varied, and so very captivating.

Our Man in Jerusalem: Readers are calling this “the new Incredible!Rabbi Nachman Seltzer shares the stories of Rabbi Yisroel Gellis — journalist, historian, and 10th-generation Yerushalmi — and a man who always finds adventure and excitement in our beloved city of Yerushalayim.

The Weekly Parashah: Sefer Bamidbar, by Rabbi Nachman Zakon: Newest in this series, children (parents, too!) love the readable text, gorgeous illustrations, and fabulous design. A Shabbos table must-read!

And, of course, this one-of-a-kind June sale includes all the ArtScroll classics: The Schottenstein Edition Talmud, the Torah works in translation, the Siddurim and Machzorim. More than 3,000 titles — all at 25% off!

Wishing all our readers a healthy and happy summer.

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