At The ArtScroll Shabbos Table #16 – Parashas Chayei Sarah

Dear Friends,

Below please find the latest edition of At The ArtScroll Shabbos Table, containing inspiration and insight from classic ArtScroll titles.

Click HERE to view, download At The ArtScroll Shabbos Table – Chayei Sarah.

This weekly publication will contain a rich collection of stories, divrei Torah and insights that are suitable for the Shabbos table – or for anytime. We hope you enjoy and look forward to future issues, as we tap into the unparalleled treasure trove that is the ArtScroll Library, sharing the depth and beauty of our Judaic and Torah literature with you.

Read it. Be uplifted. And share the inspiration.

Have a good Shabbos.

2 thoughts on “At The ArtScroll Shabbos Table #16 – Parashas Chayei Sarah

  1. Can the ArtScroll Shabbos Table be uploaded on Thursday afternoon? Not everyone has access to a computer/printer on Friday. And especially with how early Shabbos comes in, it can be difficult for some to print it out on Friday afternoon.


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