ArtScroll’s Chanukah Gift to You: The ArtScroll Smart Siddur – Free!

In honor of Chanukah, ArtScroll is offering the free download of its groundbreaking Kest Digital Edition Hebrew/English Sefard Smart Siddur and Wasserman Digital Edition Hebrew/English Ashkenaz Smart Siddur.

The ArtScroll Digital Library/Wasserman Digital Initiative is a revolutionary app with groundbreaking technology that continues to enhance classic ArtScroll volumes, allowing readers to study and pray in ways never before possible. With no internet required, the app is available for download on Apple iOS devices and Android devices.

Three NEW translation formats of the aforementioned siddurim make it easy to see the translation without popups or switching pages. There are three options:

– Side by side

– Side by side centered

– Below the line

In honor of Chanukah, enjoy your free download of the transformative ArtScroll Smart Siddur HERE!

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