Two Fantastic Pesach Titles For Children: Uncle Moishy: The Very Best Pesach Surprise & The Weekly Parashah Series Haggadah

Here’s your ArtScroll Pesach checklist:

  • Clean.
  • Shop.
  • Cook and clean and shop some more.
  • Keep the kids entertained and engaged — with Uncle Moishy: The Very Best Pesach Surprise!
  • Keep the kids excited and inspired — with the Weekly Parashah Series Haggadah!

What a great time to be a kid! Pesach is coming, and here are two great new ArtScroll titles, guaranteed to make the runup to Pesach, and the Sedarim, the best time ever — for both children and their parents!

Newest in the super-popular Uncle Moishy Series, The Very Best Pesach Surprise will keep the children busy and laughing while you prep for Pesach. Written by popular children’s author Libby Lazewnik and Uncle Moishy’s talented lyricist, Perry Binet, with fabulous full-color illustrations, it is available as a standalone book, or with an album of ten brand-new Uncle Moishy Pesach songs on CD or USB. This fabulous combo will have kids and parents (c’mon, don’t you need a break?) singing, dancing, and reading together — making memories while you’re making Pesach! And just to keep things more exciting for youthful readers  — 5 copies of The Very Best Pesach Surprise contain another surprise: A “Golden Ticket” entitling the lucky winner to a $250 ArtScroll gift card!

Thousands upon thousands of young people and their parents have discovered the wonders of the parashah in the bestselling The Weekly Parashah series by Rabbi Nachman Zakon. Using the same popular and successful format, The Weekly Parashah Haggadah offers a lively and engaging narrative that brings the Haggadah to life, intriguing sidebars, beautiful and detailed illustrations by Lea Kron, and, of course, the entire Haggadah text in Hebrew and a simplified, kid-friendly English translation. Another important feature: “A Nation Is Born,” a 30-page narrative of Yetzias Mitzrayim, based on Midrashim, that will fascinate our children. This unique Haggadah was designed to keep children ages 8 and up engaged, excited, and involved, from the first moments of the Seder to the last.

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