Yes! You Can Have a Stress-Free Pesach! My Pesach Kitchen by Faigy Murray

Do you think that without a personal chef and home organizer, a stress-free Pesach is an impossible dream?

Think again.

Faigy Murray wants to be your personal chef. And your home organizer. She does it with her marvelous new cookbook, My Pesach Kitchen: Stress-free recipes your family will love.

Faigy’s roots as a recipe developer go back to her childhood, when she spent hours watching her gifted mother whip up fantastic foods. She began her professional career with one follower on her Instagram page (hurray for mothers-in-law!) and in an amazingly short time had thousands enjoying her menu ideas, recipes, and tips.

Then came COVID, when newlyweds fresh from their Corona chuppahs had to clean their apartments and cook their Seder for two, and families whose Pesach prep had always meant booking flights and hotel rooms faced the task of making Pesach at home for the first time in years. And everyone, it seemed, was turning to Faigy for help. “Somehow, I became the Pesach go-to person,” she remembers. “How to organize for Yom Tov, what to cook, what kitchen equipment they needed to buy.”  

Realizing that here was a pressing need to fill — an “everything-from-A-to-Z” Pesach cookbook — Faigy has spent the past year and countless hours creating My Pesach Kitchen.

What will you get when you enter My Pesach Kitchen? Great recipes, of course — more than 130 recipes that are easy-to-follow yet elegant enough for a dazzling Yom Tov table. They’re all gluten free (except for the matzah balls!) “Like Dinner Done, that’s become so spectacularly popular for year-round use, these are recipes for good, solid food. After all, you can eat healthy and well even on Pesach!” Faigy says. “You can give this book to your ten-year-old daughter and she can make every recipe. They’re easy, not intimidating. Your family will say, ‘Yum, I can’t wait to eat.’”

A special section on Chol HaMoed gives fantastic ideas for people who are “all cooked out” from Yom Tov, but still have hungry families and guests to feed, and also includes great food ideas for Chol HaMoed trips.

The unique “Pesach in Your Kitchen” section offers step-by-step notes and tips to making Pesach, including templates for shopping lists, day-by-day cleaning tips, menu plans, and a guide to “turning over.”

“In this book,” says Faigy, “You’ll hear my voice, and I’ll hold your hand. I’ll be your Pesach organizer.”

And yes, you will have a stress-free Pesach.

Get your copy TODAY at!

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